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Smart Implant of garage door and automatic gates

I have installed two smart implant devices to control my automatic gates and my garage door. I have connected simple magnetic reed switches to the Smart Implant inputs to set the device input alarms so I can see if the door and gates are opened or closed.
The door and gates did require different parameter settings even though both operate from a short pulse on the outputs.

Garage Door and Automatic gates:
Parameter 20 and 21 set to 0 or 1 depending on whether you set up the switch on the inputs as NC or NO.
Go to a post by @Osorkon on separating Smart Implant inputs from outputs to see how you send raw parameters directly to the Smart Implant. If you don’t do this the door or gate opens as soon as it closes or vice versa.

Garage door:
Set parameter 156 to 1 for the Smart Implant to give a .1 sec pulse on the outputs when toggled.

Automatic gates:
Because of intricacies of the gate controller I don’t understand this required more investigation.
At first I thought there was a zwave range issue as the gate operated sometimes but not others. Eventually I determined that a .1 sec pulse must have been right on the cusp of operating the gates. After I set parameters 156/157 (I used both outputs, output one for full gates, output 2 for the pedestrian gate) 3 for a .3 sec pulse it worked fine.

Lastly I found that the gate would not fully close, it was about an inch short. I do not understand why but it looked as if the gate stopped operating after the reed switched closed, or a short time after. Again I can not explain why but setting parameters 150/151 fixed this issue. I had to set the value to 50 to get the gates to fully close.

I hope this helps someone. It has taken at least two weeks to get this working consistently. During that time I had times where I thought Homey was the issue, although it would help if Homey implemented the Control Protection class in order to easily separate the inputs from the outputs.

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