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Stop 2nd light being triggered by switching on another light switch


A light in my house “Light 2” has recently started switching itself on when another light “Light 1” is switched on. There isn’t a flow triggering it, so I’m wondering if there is some kind direct paring or grouping that has happened.

It’d appreciate it if somebody could help we work out why, and how to get it stop happening.

These are the settings for is “Light 2”, which is coming on when it shouldn’t:

**Light 2**
Property	Value
ID	44d79d75-3641-406f-9a0b-6bbfd2afc085
Class	light
Driver	homey:app:com.fibaro — FGD-212
Ready	Yes
Available	Yes
Warning	No
Custom icon	Yes

Key	Value
minimum_brightness	1
maximum_brightness	70
dimming_step_auto	1
time_dimming_step_auto	1
dimming_step_manual	3
time_dimming_step_manual	3
save_state	true
timer_functionality	0
force_auto_calibration	"1"
forced_brightness_level	30
switch_type	"2"
double_click	true
force_no_dim	false
soft_start	"1"
3_way_switch	false
switch_s1_and_s2	false
scene_activation	true
watt_report	10
watt_interval	3600
kwh_report	0.1
self_measurement	false
zw_node_id	"41"
zw_manufacturer_id	"271"
zw_product_type_id	"258"
zw_product_id	"4096"
zw_secure	"✓"
zw_battery	"⨯"
zw_device_class_basic	"BASIC_TYPE_ROUTING_SLAVE"
zw_device_class_generic	"GENERIC_TYPE_SWITCH_MULTILEVEL"
zw_firmware_id	"274"
zw_wakeup_interval	0
zw_group_1	"1"
zw_group_2	""
zw_group_3	""
zw_group_4	""
zw_group_5	""
zw_configuration_value	""

Capability	Type	Value	Edit value	Last Updated
onoff	boolean	true	
3 minutes ago
dim	number	0.01	
2 minutes ago
measure_power	number	3.3		2 minutes ago
meter_power	number	37.25		10 minutes ago

…and these are the settings for Light 1, which seems to be triggering light 2, when it’s turned on

| --- | --- |
|Driver|homey:app:com.fibaro — FGRGBWM-441|
|Custom icon|Yes|

###### Settings

| --- | --- |

###### Capabilities

|Capability|Type|Value|Edit value|Last Updated|
| --- | --- | --- | --- | --- |
|onoff|boolean|false||12 hours ago|
|dim|number|0.9||12 hours ago|
|light_hue|number|0||12 hours ago|
|light_saturation|number|1||12 hours ago|
|light_temperature|number|null||12 hours ago|
|light_mode|enum|color||7 months ago|
|measure_power|number|39.4||4 days ago|
|meter_power|number|126.12||12 hours ago|
|measure_voltage.input1|number|0||4 days ago|
|measure_voltage.input2|number|0||12 hours ago|
|measure_voltage.input3|number|0||2 weeks ago|
|measure_voltage.input4|number|0||12 hours ago|

Really, nobody knows the answer? Or even how to diagnose?

Have you tried restarting the fibaro app or PTP?

You supply very little context information. Just settings don’t make clear in what situation it happens, nor what the circumstances are. So since the chances that someone else experiences exactly the same are very small, i think it isn’t very strange that no one has a suitable answer yet.
Only thing i can think of is that you have the wrong switch selected in your flow or that you selected something (i think it is called scene activation or something like that) when you added the FGD-212 switch.