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Support for Merten (Schneider) CONNECT dimmers

I recently bought a Homey and it was quite easy to connect my Nest, Harmony and some Z-Wave devices. However, I have four Merten (now Schneider) Connect flush mounted dimmers in my Z-Wave setup. They worked well with my previous Vera 2 Z-Wave gateway. Unfortunately Homey does not support these devices, besides switching them on and off. I noticed on the forum that somebody else asked this question two years ago and there was a promise from Athom that a device driver would be developed. When can we expect this driver?


I’m working on a Schneider/Merten driver right now. My house is full of those devices since 2010, but no home automation system seems to support them. Would you be able to help out with testing and supplying device id:s? I only have a few device types, and a couple of more would make the driver more solid.

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Dear Stefan,

Yes, developing a driver would be great. I am happy to help you with testing the driver. I own a couple of flush mounted Merten Connect Z-Wave dimmers, one flush mounted switch and one 4 way battery operated switch.

I used these devices in the past ten years successfully with a MiOS Vera Z-Wave gateway.


Daan van der Schroeff

Hello Daan!

That sounds great! I’m using the driver already, mostly for direct association between the Schneider devices, and it works fine so far.

I’ll get back to you with details about testing the driver shortly!

Kind regards,