The access token was not found


Hi, bought a homey today. Running setup i got an error after connection tot wifi was succesfull. The firmware server was “degraded” (athom status). That server is fine now and i seem to get one step further but now it reports “The access token was not found” on the page searching for firmware.

What is going wrong??

grtz, Roald


Me to, bought today. The access token was not found


Same Here. Received my new Homey today “butThe access token was not found” and looks like he’s looking for updates(for hours now)


There are some more reports on a issue with logging into the cloud connection; which could explain the “Access token was not found” error…

The Athom team has been informed.
Hopefully it is fixed soon.


Experts are looking into it at this moment.


There was a failed node in our main cluster, which caused irregular and occasional problems. The node failed to trigger automatic replacement because it was very slow but still functional. It has been replaced and the problems should be resolved now.


Thanks! Now it working


Thanks! its working now


Thanks for confirming it is working again…
Enjoy your first Sunday with Homey :wink:


Is this problem related? I am pretty sure I had Homey work with Google Assistant earlier but it seems to have stopped working recently.


I just visited Googe support and there are at least 12 people experiencing the same problem but no answer yet. :disappointed:


thanks it’s working