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The sad IR - infrared misery

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I’m not sure if this is the best place, but I can’t seem to get my IR output to work at all. Receiving commands and learning from my remotes does work, pretty well actually. The interface is a bit flimsy, but nothing I can’t work with, but the problem is with emitting. Nothing reacts and when using my phone’s camera I do not see anything either. I saw some other people saying that the pro early 2019 model has low range but I have no range. I also tried it literally a couple of cm from the receiver but nothing.

This seems to me like my IR emitting is not functional at all, not just limited functionality. Any thoughts?

You are absolutely right. Homey’s infrared option has never worked and probably never will. I can only recommend buying a Harmony Hub.

How would you know if you cant get Homey to retransmit what it learned? I think is the other way around: dedicated apps that know what codes to send seem perfectly able to do so. However, understanding and replicating transmissions from any brand and model in the world well enough to be able to replicate that is harder than you might think.

I think that is why Athom still advertises IR transmission capabilities but put its learning functionality under experiments.

I also think it’s why Athom is so adamant that each brand should have it’s own app to support that brand. Promising that anything should work is like asking every brand to do things exactly the same, which they don’t in order to differentiate themselves from competitors.

It is why I prefer Z-wave over Zigbee because the standard is better defined, but it comes at the expense of high cost due to reliance on a single party that upholds the standard.

Try the Conbee Stick for Zigbee. It recognizes almost everything, has a long range and a great mesh. In contrast to Homey, completely problem-free Zigbee!

As far as I know, IR should show up on a camera of a phone, it does not. Not even with commands from the database.

Do you have a different idea of how to test without needing to buy extra equipment?

I’m not sure you could diagnose it correctly. It could just be the learnt code doesn’t translate to anything usefull. I think only developers working with IR could really tell based on the learn-retransmit example. So an app such as @Ria_Banis used should be the only outside way to prove the transmission capability works as advertised.

Can I just plug that in to an average charger, because i believe or does it need a microcontroller and software, doesn’t it? Because that is a bit awkward. But having said that, I do own close to 50 zigbee devices linked directly to Homey in a stable network (stable since V5 firmware, zigbee reset and manual fix of flows) - so that works ad advertised for me, but YMMV.

I use the Conbee on a Raspberry Pi 3b +. The finished software is available on the manufacturer’s homepage. It is very easy to set up the software. I now have 90% of my Zigbee devices on the Conbee. The failure rate is 0.0%.

Just if the camera doesn’t have a ir filter! Most of the times the back camera of a phone has a filter, front doesn’t.

As Rocodamelshekima mentioned using a camera to verify that IR LEDs are working is not a totally fool proof way of testing.

While I was testing my system i came across the same issue with IR learning . The way I tested my LED’s was to go around my house and find a device (my home theatre unit) that is listed on the IR data base and tested that to verify my LED’s were ok…

My results were my IR LEDs physically work. I can turn my Onkyo receiver on and off no prob…

After some research I found out many have experienced the same problem trying to learn remote controls. From what I can tell the IR learning feature simply doesn’t work and has never worked since it was added and doesn’t actually do anything…

Yeah, I don’t own any device with IR codes in the database. I will probably get a Broadlink emitter, sadly the RM4 Pro is not supported yet in the homey app.

Unfortunately you will have to get a 3rd party IR/433Mhz bridge of some sort. Some of the earlier Broadlink models might be ok.

Ive personally found it very frustrating . Only 30% of my devices are listed on the data base. The ones that don’t work are from large main brand manufacturers, or are popular generic Chinese remote controls that are very common and have a chipset that’s very widely used and have been around for years. These chipsets and protocols are used in millions of remote controlled devices. They aren’t very sophisticated and are very easy to “learn” on a technical level yet i can’t use any of them with my Homey even though it has hardware that’s physically capable of doing so…

A good learning system would fill a very big hole … :weary: