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ThermoFloor / Multireg / Heatit App (v2.0.1)



Thermo-Floor / Multireg / Heatit Z-wave thermostat for electrical floor heating

This app adds support for devices made by Thermo-Floor AS and sold by the name Multireg, Magnum and Heatit.


Thermo-Floor App Athom apps
Thermo-Floor App Github repository

Devices supported:

  • Multireg / Magnum Z-wave thermostat (TF-016) / Heatit Z-wave thermostat (TF-021)

    The Multireg / Heatit Z-Wave thermostat is an electronic thermostat for flush mounting in a standard wall box for regulating electric floor heating. The thermostat has a built-in Z-Wave chip that can be connected to Home Automation systems like Homey.

The following triggers are supported:

  • Thermostat mode has changed
  • Thermostat mode has changed to
  • The temperature has changed
  • The target temperature has changed

The following action cards are supported:

  • Set the temperature (of current thermostat mode)
  • Set the thermostat mode
  • Set the setpoint of a thermostat mode

This app is compatible with the Heating schedule app updating the target temperature of the active thermostat mode

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • Dutch


This app and driver development is currently supported by:

  • The alpha release testers (much appreciated): @NPeters, @dbonsaksen and @d.janssen
  • Robbshop by providing a thermostat for debugging:


Any requests please post them in the https://forum.athom.com/discussion/3181/ Thermo-Floor app topic on the Athom Forum or contact me on Slack

If possible, please report issues at the issues section on Github otherwise in the above mentioned topic.


If you appreciate this app, contribute to future development by making a paypal contribution




  • Add thermostat onoff state trigger- and condition cards


  • SDK2 rewrite of the ThermoFloor / Heatit app
  • SDK2 rewrite of the Multireg / Heatit Z-Wave thermostat device driver
  • Update to meshdriver v1.2.28

Note: unfortunately, the set thermostat mode action card will be set to “comfort” mode after this update. The action card will need to be updated manually.


Frequently Asked Questions:



First of all, great app @TedTolboom ! Works perfectly.
Just wondering if there will be support for the Z-therm2 any time soon? I have purchased 5 units (have 1 unit of the first generation) that I am not able to connect to Homey :-/
I will be happy to contribute to your PayPal!


@Dais Thanks!
The ThermoFloor / Heat-it app is my last SDK1 app.
Before extending it with new products, I will need to convert it to SDK2; it doesn’t make sense to define new drivers on a SDK version that is no longer supported.

Thermostats are one of the more difficult drivers to setup, because it involves quite some device specific logic that needs to be embedded into the driver…

I just finished creating a SDK2 version of a Z-wave thermostat for the Remotec ZXT-120 and ZXT-600, which I created with the ThermoFloor / Heat-it thermostat in mind. It should be possible to re-use 95% of the code for these devices.

So first I will need to re-write the existing app to SDK2 version, before I will be able to extend the support for additional devices. Coarse timeline I have in mind is to finish the SDK2 re-write in September and add support for the remaining devices (Z-therm / Z-scene controller) in October (before the winter starts)…

HeatIt scene switch

Dear @ TedTolboom,

I just bought TRM2 and tried to pair with Homey but no luck. I think I’m doing something wrong. Can you please help me with the advice?


Hi @Yermek,
You are not doing something wrong. The TRM2 is currently not supported yet by this app.
See my previous comment on expected timeline.


Hi @TedTolboom October sounds very soon! Thanks a lot. I will donate to support your work.


Also eagerly waiting for the Heatit Z-scene controller support! Happy to donate to support your work for it. With limited technical expertise, I doubt I have anything to contribute with, but let me know if there are anything you need @TedTolboom to speed up the process :slight_smile:


Thermofloor/HeatIt have several new devices in their portfolio now: Z-trm2, Z-Relay, Z-Water, Z-Din616 and Z-Scene Controller. All these devices are, to my knowledge, available now.


Several devices have been added to their portfolio, but not all are already available.
The Z-TRM2 is delayed due to a certification issue, as communicated last week.

Any support / contribution is much appreciated…

As indicated before, I will first need to convert the existing app to SDK2 basis, verify that it is working correctly before being able to extend the support for additional devices.

In order to add support for the other devices, I will need to get access to these devices myself for local debugging. Remote debugging (without VPN connections and direct sight to the device) is not possible.
Thermostats but also the multi-relay devices, typically have their own unique way of control logic, that I will need to embed in the device driver.

I will get in contact with ThermoFloor (development) to see if they can support this app development with providing access to these devices.


Yes Ted, it came to my attention that Thermofloor had withdrawn the Z-Trm2 recently. To my knowledge this is due to some S2 issues which preventes devices from being added in n secure-mode. This is not only a problem with ZTrm2 but with Z-Water as well.


I have recently ordered 2 pieces of heatit trm2, will there be any issue with thoose and future update with support of app? Seems to be firmwire related with trm2, and nothing easy to do my self.


@Sejkooz I don’t know the background of the issue that is blocking certification of the Z-trm2.

I know that the Z-wave alliance recently raised the requirements regarding security measures regarding certification. Which could be the reason, but this is speculating.

Due to the (multi-version) Z-wave implementation of Homey, I think it will have a real impact and both versions will be compatible with the Homey (app).


A brief update on adding the additional devices.

I’m in close contact with ThermoFloor to setup a collaboration to support these device implementations.
But this will be depending on the device certification by the Z-wave alliance.

So we’ll have to wait until the devices are certified, unfortunately.

In the meantime, I’m rewriting the current app to SDK2 base.


Do you think this issue will be solved by the end october? Winter is coming :slight_smile:


@Yermek I can’t comment on timelines of ThermoFloor or involved third parties (Z-wave alliance).

Even if the devices and certified firmware would be available now, it would be quite some work to add support for these devices… so likely end of October will not be feasible.

Once I have more information, I will share it in this topic.


@ TedTolboom got it! will wait.


Luckily enough the Z-TRM2 can be controlled by itself :wink:
Wouldn’t want to have community members freezing…


I am ready to order a trm2.

I could have it send to you, im still building my bathroom so i can miss it for another month.
Is that an option? :smile:

I rather have it implemented and working, than on manual and when my bathroom is done it isnt implemented :slight_smile:

Contact me if you want