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Topic Waiting for an Invite but ordered the Homey Bridge

I think there’s a mismatch between what Athom (and, apparently, you) and Homey users think is the main product here. For a lot of users, it’s the Bridge. That’s the device that will allow them to automate their home. It’s not important how it works, just that it works. For Athom, the main product is Homey Cloud, and the Bridge is of secondary concern.

Which is a great way of making lots of people buying the Bridge angry: they buy a device thinking that it’s all they need to automate their home, only to find out that it requires some crucial part (Homey Cloud) to be available to them before they can start using it.

It’s also the reason, I think, why Athom went ahead with selling lots of Bridges: they apparently couldn’t foresee that people buying a device want it to actually work when they receive it.


Hi all,

I’m New to homey, want to use it to interconnect KAKU, RING DAISY. Is there any insight on how long it can take before being invited?

Send my invititation request last weekend, ordered the bridge, got it today,but i cant play with it because i have to wait to be invited.

For me a reason to send it back asap…

Sorry, i’m in the wrong topic.

There is a LOT of confusion about the being invited issue!

Greetings John

Nobody will be able to say exactly. I recommend you ask directly on YouTube tomorrow at 7 p.m. The link is 3 posts above your question.


Tomorrow is for me UN-acceptable.

I thought Homey was a PRO company it’s 2021 what are we waiting for.

I wanted to buy the PRO, saw the bridge and thought it was the sollution.

The fact that waiting on being invited makes me not happy. (I thought that invitiation was instant)

Thanks for your respond and time

Then all you have to do is send the bridge back and buy a Homey Pro. You can start right away with the Pro.

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To contact support use this form. You can fill out “return” in the Diagnostics report field when applying for a return.

Maybe in a few years.

For now i’ll see if my anger drops, if not i’ll stick with a less smarter home.

My bad, but i am really pissed.

Good Lucky you all,stay healthy

Gees, calm down.
See it this way, if you get the beta invite and it’s crap you would yell about it. Wait some time to get access to a working version. And be happy you got a bridge! The may very well sell out the next days and then you all would yell about that. Be happy about your bridge, have a beer and wait (patiently) for a beta invite. And don’t cry if it’s not what you expected.


I have received my Homey Bridge today and I’m aware of the fact that it is a Beta version. I have already subscribed myself for it, but when will I receive this activation code?

I agree with you.

  1. Everyone who buys homey bridge should automatically get the code to test it.
  2. There should be a waiting list visible. How do I know how long I have to wait to receive the code. 1 month, 2,3,4 …

Contact Athom,
but they are probably not going to give a clear answer to it.

Let’s state things as they are. They sold the hardware before the software was ready.