Trigger Delay



Anyone knows how to add a delay to a trigger in a flow?

I have a Telldus Magnetic Sensor switch at a door and a Vision Garage Door Detector and when they trigger I want the flow to wait for a certain amount of time (e.g. 3 minutes) before the flow continues and send me a push notification. But only if the sensor is still open, if I have closed the garage door during that delay time the flow should not send the notification.

The idea with this flow is just to send me a notification that someone forgot to close the Garage door and I don’t want a notification each and every time it opens.

BR /// Per-Erik


You need two flows for this:

  1. When the door sensor triggers, then start countdown timer (this is an app in the store)
  2. When countdown timer is empty, and sensor is open, then send notification

You might need a third flow, like flow 1, but for the other sensor.
Also, I’m not sure if you can check the state of the sensor in flow 2. If not, you need to create another flow for when the door closes and then stop the countdown timer.


Thanks for the quick response, I got it to work according to your instruction. :smiley: