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Turning off a 3d-printer when it is done

I’m sorry if this has been covered before, yes, I have tried searching… :slight_smile:
What I am trying to do with separate flows and my fibaro plug are as follows:

When power on the printer goes over 50watt, I set the global variable PrinterPrinting to true.
When power on the printer goes under 18 watt, I wait for 5 minutes, then set PrinterPrinting to false.
When PrinterPrinting changes state, I turn off the plug if it is false.

There is some other code as well, but this is the essence.

The thing is, this gives me several false positives and wants to turn off my printer mid-print.
So, what I am wondering, is there a good way to implement this without getting false readings? I do not like the thought of my printer turning off after 10 hours because there is a slight hiccup where it doesn’t draw a lot of power.

Try the washingmachine method. Works for me. And for a lot of others.

Thank you. Should do the trick