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[TUTORIAL] Setting up MQTT on Homey for configuring Home Assistant for dashboard purposes

HASS does not have to run on Synology, a Raspberry Pi or VM will also work fine. How did you install? And have you got a MQTT broker running?

omg somebody (and not anyone i checked some of your posts) is here !

I finally managed to see my homey devices and then they disappeared.

1/ They were showing in home assistant dashboard but i was not able to switch ON but i could see the live state of them (when switch on in homey, light goes on and off goes off)

2/ Now i restarted HA to check if it wrks on restart and now they can come back even after restart MQTT Client and Hub in HOMEY. I restarted HA MOSQUITTO BROCKER they still are grey

For info
My configuration.yaml is like that

I have not SSL not SSH


And that is my addon setting

Here few logs that seem service not restarting because is 16:10 when i restarted HA

And the settings in your MQTT apps on Homey?

Otherwise, try troubleshooting with MQTT explorer as mentioned a few times in this thread

Now thereareonly twothings not cool.

1/ when i restart HA, i have to got o my MQTT HUB app on HOMEY and broadcast again and all gets connected again in HA
2/ In HA, i am never able to switch On or Off a light for example, i can only see its state (if it s On or Off)


Ii had the idea of restarting/rebooting homey
Now all is solved …

Thank you !

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Im using this setup and it works almost great. One problem I have however is that Home Assistant looses state on devices. I then go in to MQTT Hub and press broadcast. I then works directly again. I have to do this at least once aday. Is there a workaround for this? Otherwise it would be nice to via a flow trigger the broadcast to avoid the issue.

Thanks for great help

Does this happen spontaneously, or after a restart of HA?

Every now and then. No clear connection to anything. I found now the Brodcast system state every 30s. Will see if that works for me.

I have the same problem @Ludvig has. I’ve done a ton of things… for me it’s for sure when I restart Home Assistant. When I push the broadcast button from the hub app on Homey it’s all fine.
Will the Broadcast system state fix this?

Probably you need this:

I do not, even after that it fails.
The tutorial doesn’t mention broadcast state…

It works better but not perfect still. Still loses it to often. Strange is that it puts it unavailable state. Any idea?

A broadcast fixes it direct.