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UK Homey users - compatible products


Hi all,

I wonder if there is enaugh number of UK users to discuss competible products that are available in UK and EU but that works in UK and easy to buy.

I don’t have ahomey yet. I ordered early December and I think it will be shipped in few days.

I have Nest, Ring, LG tv, couple of homekit connected ligt strips and bunch of aqara devices. My ultime objective is to have everyting to be available in Homekit to control from my ios devices and siri but use homey as a universal hub.

I hope and expect homey will be my go to device for automation/flows as apple home app is not exactly great at automation. I realise that there will be some non homey competible devices though so homekit will come handy at certain set ups.

With homey 2.0 release I understand homey will broadcast evertyhing to homekit but what what I don’t know is if homey control app will see homekit devices like other homekit control apps.

So, to achieve fully connected home I am hoping that I can find cameres, wall switches, dimmers, lights etc. that are available in UK and suported by homey without needing another hub (and of course not expensive)

I don’t think there are many, are there? Here are the ones I found:

TKB Home
Zwave Mi
Leightvawe ( not sure if hub required)

Hope to hear from the community.




Homey’s HomeKit support, at the moment, only works one-way: it will expose the devices that are registered on Homey through HomeKit. In other words, in iOS, Homey looks like a “HomeKit bridge” (or hub) that provides access to the devices configured on Homey.

It is not possible to control HomeKit devices through Homey, at least not yet. I’ve been working on an app that does exactly that, but it’s far from ready, and besides that, it will probably not be able to support all HomeKit-enabled devices.


Thank you for the answer. I thought that might be the case. Though I think if homey is going to be an official homekit device I would hope and think that it is something they should in the roadmap to make it happen.

And when you sau currently it doesnt supoort, is that the case with FW 2.0 as well?




Yes, and Athom has also told me that they have no plans to implement a HomeKit client application.

Like I said, I’m working on such an application (I’m a community developer), but I have no idea when that will be ready for consumption.


Thanks again.