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Unknown light switches

Hi everyone,

About 2h of athom homey experience. So far I have been able to add most of my smart devices but can’t identify and add any of my wall switches.

I got both 1 channel, 2 channel and 1 channel with dimmer switches. They are currently identified and pared with the Smart Life app and identified/pared under WiFi switch.

Anyone with the same switches that’s managed to solve it? See attached pictures for two of the versions I use in my house.

BR Daniel

If they are controlled by the Smart Life app, they are Tuya devices. There are two Tuya apps for Homey available:

Both aren’t trivial to get working though, I’m afraid.

Did you ever managed to fix the dimmer switch? What Homey-app did you use to connect them to Homey?

( @robertklep )
When bought via AliExpress I want them to connect with Homey (ofcourse :grin:) are there any more options nowadays?

No, but I think the Tuya Cloud app is relatively easy to use.

I installed that app on homey yesterday but doesn’t look like it supports dimmer switches. Do I end up with dimmer switches which I can’t use with the homey app? @robertklep




You’d have to ask the developer of the app to be sure, I don’t have any Tuya devices myself.

Thanks for the hint @robertklep Seems like it is going to work, would be awesome. The app does connect with cloud and my dimmer-switch pops up. :muscle:

Need to test it though as I am working on electric at the moment. :partying_face:

@Jackass Haven’t looked in to it recently if it is possible. At the time I wrote about it I tried everything I was recommended but never got it to work. At the moment they are all controlled by eWeLink… but I hope they eventually will work with my Homey.

Hi, @wikman8

It works!

Download “Tuya cloud” app for Homey.

Config it first

Then add a device and select the Tuya cloud app.

Then select “Light”

From there on it’s a simple process.

Enjoy your dimmer-switch by using it in your Homey flows.