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VThermo app

I guess that’s a timeout from Homey firmware, not from VThermo. But you can try to restart the VThermo app, and see if that helps

Tried restart of VThermo app and Homey. Still the same result. Strange…

Solved it with PTP (10 mins).

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Could you please explain the difference between these two actions:

The first would translate as ‘activate heating schedule’ the other as ‘apply heating schedule’. I have difficulty to see the difference and the way it can be used.


Hi Ernst!

No, I don’t know. This is the Heating schedule app, I guess.

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My wrong :slight_smile:
Thanks man!

I will post this in the correct thread. Thanks for the quick answer!

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Hi Everybody,

I wonder if vThermo can handle not only heaters but cooling systems as well.

I have a project where floor heating and ceiling cooling have to be controlled. Temp and humidity Sensors, heatit zwater deployed, but we need a virtual thermostat to control both the cooling and heating.

Thanks for any idea.


If you check the “Invert switch” checkbox in Adv. settings, VThermo will turn on if lower than target temp, and off on higher than target temp.

Will this solve your case ?



Thanks for quick answer!

Unfortunately nope. We need one thermostat per zone, five in the house. Easy switching between heating and cooling modes is also mandatory from the house owner.

In the mean time I’ve found a solution with Virtual Devices app, but needs a lot of flows. Your vThermo is a much elegant solution, would be better to use it instead of VD.

As I understand new mode, “Cooling” would be needed to add.

Used this app with my Qubino Flush 1D relay with temperature sensor. Works perfectly. Had to switch to flows however. I needed the heater being switched off after reaching 22c and start heating again when 19c was reached. Not 21.X. Same goes for frost protection, 14,5. As soon as it hits this value (or below) it needs to heat to 22 and start again as 14.5 is reached. Couldn’t figure this out with VThermo.

You can change the hysteresis in Advanced settings to a wider range than +/- 0,5 deg. C, which is the default.

19 C to 22 C = (22-19)/2 = 1.5 C hysteresis, and set point = 19 + 1,5 = 20,5 C

14.5 C to 22 C = (22 - 14.5)/2 = 3.75 C hysteresis, and set point = 14.5 + 3.75 = 18.25 C

(You have to round set point to nearest 0.5 C.)

Thanx for the reply, installed the app again and am trying to figure it out. With flows i’m almost there but it’s getting complex… my situation:

  • Studyroom with own heating
  • Placed a Qubino Flush 1D relay with temperature sensor
  • Qubino is put behind a normal switch, this is for the wife who wants a real button to press.
  • Pressing the button will open or close the relay (depending its state)

This all works, also VThermo works. But now for the big puzzle.

The switch needs to work together with the automatic programming. So what the system needs to do together:

  • Heat when it’s below 14.5, heat up to 22 and stop. This is the basic, always active rule.
  • When asked to heat (by switch) it needs to heat up to 22 and start reheating when it hits 19
  • Stop heating when switch is flipped OR specific time has reached

With flows i’m using a Bolean, activate/deactivate flows, better logica and tags. I’m almost there but i will end up with 7-9 flows with a lot of conditions. Can VThermo make life more simple?


Can someone help me how can I turn on the virtual thermostat automatically? Eg. in case the thermostat turns on in the room then it will turn on the virtual thermostat as well. I want to set this without using flows only that the two thermostats would communicate with each other.



A VThermo can use the same temperature sensor as another thermostat - device, and you can also update the VThermo target temperature from the other thermostat.

Go to Advanced settings:

  • Temperature sensors in the same zone: check “Other thermostats”
  • Target temperature in the same zone: check “From other thermostat”

So, now the VThermo will “clone” the other thermostat. Not necessary completely in sync, but similar.

How do i get to see the temperature on the vthermo devices in device window?

Hey @balmli!

Thank you for your help, but this not “turn on” the VThermo device, just clone the temperature, and target temperature. I need to turn on the VTthermo too, when the normal thermostat is turn on is same room.

Yes, the VThermo lives its own life. But will be kind of “in sync” if the temperature and target temperature is the same.

In the Homey mobile app you mean ?


I have a bunch of xiaomi sensors, but today i have to enter each of them to see the temperature.

I have seen some pictures where VThermo shows a temperature, and i was hoping for that VThermo could get data from a temp sensor and show it so i don’t have to enter each sensor

Well, this is part of the Athom’s design for the Homey mobile app. Nothing I can do…

VThermo is a thermostat, and will look like other (physical) thermostats in the mobile app.