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Weather station


Does anyone now which weather station i can connect to homey without using another app , so i can see the readings in the Homey app of in Homekit ?


Don’t know if Netatmo is what you meant but you can use netatmo weather station.



Netatmo doesn’t have a rain collector and the only weatherstation with rain collector does not support Homekit nor Homey ?


What do you mean by rain collector?

Is this not what you mean?


Ok that’s the rain gauge ( collector) , but is this weater station ready for Homekit ?


There for you have to look at the webpages of netamo ofcourse :wink:


Before the 2.0 update I’ve used an weather station which could upload it’s data to weather underground. Unfortunately this app isn’t working properly anymore since the update.


There is https://apps.athom.com/app/nu.baretta.openweathermap you can use now.


Netatmo is able to upload to weather underground. Works fine with me.


@Hempie I know, but I would like to see the output of my personal station

@Marcel_Ubels It worked perfectly for me, but since 2.0 I’m unable to see anything in the app :frowning:


I can read the data of my netatmo weatherstation ofcourse with the netatmo app, homey netatmo app and with the ios app Weatherpro you can add your netatmo weatherstation. Most beautifull is my Lametric. The lametric is able to show the stats of Netatmo