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What fibaro control center should I buy?



I want to use Fibaro switches and detectors. Has a Home Center Lite the same possibilities with the Homey as the Home centre 2?


U wanna use Fibaro switches and u have a Homey: Just connect them to Homey, no need for Fibaro HC.
U wanna use Fibaro switches and u don’t have a Homey: Buy a Homey, no need for a Fibaro HC.


You asked a similar question yesterday in a different topic…

Where I already answered that you don’t need a Z-wave hub (like the Fibaro control center), adding the Fibaro app to Homey is sufficient


Only reason you should have a seperate Fibaro controller is to be able to update your Fibaro sensors’ firmware if needed. Homey can’t do that. But this doesn’t happen a lot and if they are working it shouldn’t be mandatory.