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Widgets for the iPhone



When can we expect widget? Widget for the Iphone would be great!

This way you could start a flow very quickly or operate a device without having to open the app again and again

Take the Mi Home app or Harmony app as an example :wink:


+1 for android


Totally agree, I use widgets extensively, but for now I need to use HomeKit as a workaround.


For android you can use IFTTT. Works pretty fine :slight_smile:


oke oke i will take a look at that one


You could use this: [TUTORIAL] Using Siri/Shortcuts for activating flows (with pics!)

And then use the button with the arrow to create a shortcut in your home screen:


Thanks for you suggestion but how do I create a widget from my IFTTT Applets? If I want to make an IFTTT widget on my iPhone, i cant find the option to make a widget from my Applets.

In IFTTT i go to settings -> widgets -> Get Widgets. There i find a lot of widgets that i can make but that are not the Widgets that i want.


Try this topic!


I finally found it:

  • first Connect Homey to IFTTT
  • in the IFTTT app create a new applet with “this”: Button widget (red icon) -button press and “that” Homey - start a flow (i.e). It reads the flows on your Homey, so you can choose an existing flow.
  • evt change the button title (length is limited on Android) and press finish.
  • You can now choose “Add homescreen widget” and add it to your home screen.
  • The first time you press this newly made button, you can choose the action you would like activate with this button.