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Wifi connection drops often + RED LED ring

hi all!
Since a few months I have my Homey drops his wifi connection every 10-20 seconds or so. When this happens, the LED ring switches to RED for a few secons.
It might be related to something that Athom changed in Homey’s firmware or something, as it started relatively recently (I own my Homey for years already).
I am using a Mesh router system (TP Link Deco M5, configured in ‘access point’ mode). I already tried putting Homey (in the Deco app settings) to not using the Mesh but stick to one of the accesspoints instead of switching access points).

(for the record: I have repeatedly tried to put Homey into recovery mode and have it reconnect to my wifi network from scratch, but - despite that Homey sees my network - upon selecting it in the app, it refuses to connect with my (2.4 GHz) network. Even when I disable the 5 GHz network in the Deco settings temporarily…)
Also trying a different (more powerful) adapter sent to my by Athom Support couldn’t solve it, nor changing Homey to another spot in the room…

It’s driving me nuts…
Anyone of you who had similar problems (and managed to solve it)?

Hi JonE,
My Homey had these symptoms when the memory got exhausted.
You can check this by …More>Settings>Common
If the memory bar looks pretty full,
then hit the memory bar.
Now you’ll see your apps, from large memory usage to low.
An app shouldn’t use more than 15MB.
You can restart the “big spenders”, to lower their memory use.
This can also be done automatically with flows, f.i. restart those apps on a suitable time every x hours or days.
(You’ll need to enable “Power User” at the ‘Experiment’ section in the Settings screen, to be able to pick “restart an app” flow cards).
You can also see the memory use of Homey. Restarting Homey brought it’s memory use back to 100MB.

Sometimes checking Insights memory graphs per app, can give you, well, insights of your apps memory use behaviour.

Hope this is of any help!

Didn’t read too well I think. Could be the heat😅 Did the wifi issues start after you installed a new wifi system?
Is your zigbee channel well separated from your (fixed) Wifi channel?

Weird yes, disabling 5GHz should do the trick most of the time.

Zigbee network and channelno info:

Zigbee & WiFi
Interference check:


Wifi hints

hi Peter, first of all thanks for your elaborte answer!
In what way didn’t you read well? Because I understood from your second reply that you misunderstood my case. I am curious how exactly!

Homey was sent today to Athom, on their suggestion, so they can do an investigation and a software reset. I have only my fingers crossed that I can restore my backup otherwise I will have to manually rebuild 4-5 years of flow configuration. That would bring big tears to my eyes…

I REALLY hope that Athom is able to do something about it, as it was/is driving me nuts.

Why wouldn’t you be able to restore your backup? You can even restore it on a completely different device.

After reading your initial post my bet would be the power adapter, but that has been replaced already. Hopefully it get fixed!

Occasionally i had also drop outs and lost internet connections. I could live with it, but it was annoying. I also had problems with Sonos. Every few days there was no connection for a few minutes. Sometimes a few times a day.

A few weeks ago i splitted my 2,4Ghz and 5Ghz internet connection in seperated ID’s. So i just gave the 2,4GHz connection a different internet ID as my 5GHz connection. Every device is connected with my 2,4GHz connection. Only ipad/iphones are on the 5Ghz connection.

From then on my problems were solved.

I don’t know why this works, i read it somewhere, but it works for me. Till this moment no drop outs or lost connections.
Fingers crossed.

Your welcome Jon! It was the heat hehe. I think both my answers could/can be of help in your case.
I hope Athom can fix your bulb.

Restoring your backup should go well. I don’t read many issues regarding restoring of backups.


Yeah, the thing is: i had so much trouble getting my backups to be done (because of the failing wifi connection). So although the backup page on Mijn back-ups | Homey shows that I have backups there, I do hope that the actual backup is a truly successful one.

I see! Fingers crossed!