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Xiaomi Mi Roborock S50 vacuum cleaner token

The token is correct because I can use the RoboRock Control Centre (windows app)

But when using the homey app the error: app device.getstate is not a function

No one? too bad bought this roborock because I could integrate with homey. The token is correct but I think the APP needs an update? token is correct because I can controll the unit with the windows application.

Who can confirm that they have it working with firmware: Homey 5.0.0-rc.34 and S5 Max 01.10.26

Have you tried the MiHomey app?

No not yet. CLI install?

Did the CLI install of the MiHomey app. No luck yet… When adding nothing happens. strange thing is that the widows application again works flawlessly with the IP and Token.

It bugs me that I cannot figure this out

Homey handels the communication different than Node Red or the available windows RoboRock Control Centre application. Any other explanation?