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Z-Wave compatible devices with Dry Contact Out



I’m looking for a Z-Wave compatible device that has a dry-contact out.
I don’t want to use an extra relay for this.

Any idea on Homey-compatible devices ?



Fibaro single or dual relay switch. Just google that.

It has one (or two) integrated relays. I use it in many applications where dry contact is required. Like switching my 24VAC irrigation solenoid. And more.


The Qubino single relay also has a potential free contact:


Everspring AN179


Thanks for the input. The Qubino has a better price I think, at least when I want one contact.
Anything that does more than 2 outputs in one module?

I have an input module on another system with 4 contacts.
If I can use 2 Fibaro Dual Relay Switches I have 16 addresses, when I use them binary.

Can you give me an idea how to wire this? The examples I see in the manual (FGS-222, right?) are all in case you need power.

Thanks again


I am not aware of any relay z-wave modules with more than 2 contacts. I have some use for a couple, thought.

You need to power the unit from the main (110 to 240V AC). Live on L and neutral on N.

Then just apply any voltage you want to switch on IN. That can be AC or DC. Whatever you feed on IN, you get out on Q1 and Q2 when switched on either via hardware (applying mains power to S1 and S2) or via software (Homey)

Hope this helps!


https://shelly.cloud/shelly-4-pro/ sorry, not supported yet
https://shelly.cloud/shelly2/ sorry, not isolated contacts
https://shelly.cloud/shelly1-open-source/ only 1 isolated contact

Fibaro RGBW controler if you need 12 - 24 V normaly for PWM but probaby useful on 0% and 100%