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Z-Wave Raw Data Format Dev Postal

I’ve had a homey for quite a while, just getting round to doing some dev for a SE813 Everspring Voice Siren.

The docs list the spec for getting it to play sounds, but I’m struggling to use the dev portal to send the command - Just for dev debugging, so I can work out what’s what and then build a driver.

The Manual has:
Sound Play Back: Parameter Number = 3, Size = 1, Range = 0-99.

On the homey iOS app I have a basic z-wave device setup, and if I go to the advanced settings and set the config in there as like 3,1,7 -> it plays the voice file. cool. So I know it’s working. How do I send the same settings through the send raw data on the dev portal?

the help test says node, param1,param2,paramn

But I can’t figure out the format. Any help would be appreciated!

I’ve looked at some other posts for similar and saw 4,0x70,0x04,0x3,0x1,0x7 but it doesn’t work, (the 4 being the node id).