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ZigBee-Mesh Hue+Homey



I have a question about the ZigBee mesh.
I have many Hue lights and Osram plugs assigned to the Hue hub. The hub uses a defined channel.
Many lights work as repeaster (power connected).

Now I want to use Aqara ZigBee sensors in Homey (directly using the Xiaomi/Aqara ZigBee app).

Will these sensors be includes into the existing mesh? Or is homey providing a parallel mesh (other channel?). Using these sensors is only useful if Homey calls are repeated by the Hue devices. Else I would need repeater only for reaching the sensors at the roof windows.
Is ist possible to use Homey-ZigBee-devices in the Hue-hub-mesh?

Thanks for your help.


No, a Zigbee network can only have one controller, so a sensor has to be paired with either Homey or the Hue hub, but it cannot be paired with both.

The channel is irrelevant: multiple Zigbee controllers can use the same channel, but they still create separate networks from each other.


Or chose to abandon the Hue Hub and bind Hue lights directly to Homey Zigbee

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There are downsides to that solution, though.


Hi Robert, fast answer :slight_smile:
Ok, it needs 2 meshes for 2 controllers.
And devices will only repeat signals from their own controller? Other ZigBee signals are ignored, because it doen’s come from their controller?
Or will a repeater repeat all signals also from unknown devices or other controllers (like a hub/switch in LAN)?


No, that’s not a working solution. The Homey Hue app misses a lot of functionality (Timer, wake up, Osram plugs etc.)


Correct. Of course, you could add some additional (cheap) repeater devices to your Homey mesh in order to extend specifically that mesh.


Thanks, Robert.
Good to know before ordering sensors in gearbest. I’ll check if I have some unused Osram plugs…and free wall plugs in useable places.