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Zone remains active with magnetic sensor open

Previously, I detected presence in my house with countdown timers. Worked great, but it required some (complicated?) flows. Then, Homey introduced zone activity. Great! My flows were much easier. But then, I discovered that my bathroom remained ‘active’ and I was sure that no one entered the bathroom since several hours. I do have a motion sensor and magnetic sensor there. I then discovered that the window (with a magnetic contact on it) was open. I closed the window and yes, no more activity in my bathroom! Is this indeed correct that a zone is set to active when a door/windows sensor detects it’s open - even for a long time? If it is set as closed, no activity is detected apparently. I do believe it is more evident that, when a door/window opens or closes, that the zone must be set to active, and that after a time-out, the zone is set to inactive… Thanks for your experiences and feedback already!

I could say use the search, but ok iam i a good mood :joy:

Door/window sensors and Motion sensors, are the triggers for setting a zone Active/Inactive. So as long your window is open, your zone keeps active til your closing it (no delays)

Same problem for HomeConnect dishwasher and washing machine. The zone is active when the lid is open :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your feedback. I solved this by setting the magnetic contacts in a separate zone. So motion detectors remain in zone “Room 1” for example, and magnetic sensors are set in a zone “Room 1 without activity detection”. I then check on activity in only “Room 1”.

There shuould be a function where you can choose what triggers are used for zone activity

you can define a trigger in a flow reacting on change the status active/inactive in a specific zone or in all zones

I agree. Please fix this. A open window does not mean the zone is active! Very frustrating.