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Just found out that the ZYCT-202 device is NOT in the list with supported devices. (the A…YCT-202 is).

Is this a missprint or correct?

Anyone tried to connect the Zigbee version (ZYCT-202) to the Homey. Will this work?



we have to guess the brand???


Then you should install the kaku zigbee app and not the kaku 433mhz app…


@RoyWissenburg you didn’t recognize it to be a Trust (KaKu) Zigbee device?

@KiJo-DuKa it is correct that it is not supported since this device (and similar Zigbee LightLink remotes) uses a Zigbee section that is not implemented (yet) in Homey’s SW (expected with Homey SW v2.1+)


@TedTolboom nope dont use the kaku trust devices.:stuck_out_tongue:

And i believe they want the forum clean and clear.