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Problem has been solved.

When the doorbell is pressed i’m getting an image. If i leave the “text” bar empty within the flow card the android phones get a notification with just the photo. My iPhone doesn’t even receive the notification.

If i put some text within the flow card like: “Er is iemand aan de deur” the notification will hit my iPhone aswell. Weird behavior imo.

Other issue is “motion” behavior. I 've got a flow which states: “if motion has been detected” and the time is between “00:00 and 06:00” send a notification. But no notifications. My doorbell doesn’t seem to detect anything. If i look into the APP of EUFY i’m able to see motion is detected during the night. What could be my issue? (probably a configuration fault on my part).

Thank you for your effort!

Hey @Marco

This is Homey behavior which I cannot change :frowning:

Check if you have notification enabled to your phone from the official Eufy app.

Also check the notification settings in the security mode settings:


Using Eufy doorcam for almost a year.
But it has some issues.
When i am at home the camera is loading very fast.
But outdoors it says beveiligd videokanaal maken.
It takes mostly almost 50 seconds before there is someone to see.

And the postman is not waiting that long. :wink:

Anyone knows a solution?

@Wout-1976 I saw this problem more often. Also on the Eufy facebook groups people are talking about this.
I think this is a problem with Eufy’s servers. You might want to contact their support to see if they have a solution for this issue.

There are 2 ways the official eufy app connects the stream:

  • Local p2p (if you’re in the same network)
  • Cloud p2p (when local p2p fails to connect).

Homey makes use of the first one in this case :wink:
That why sometimes the notifications are quicker on Homey then on your phone

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Hi Martijn, just to get back on my question regarding adding triggers to the motion detection of an Eufy cam.

I just see that under Automation in the Eufy app the Homebase can trigger the motion detection towards the Eufy cam as well, by two options, ‘sound the alarm’ or ‘Go into alarm delay’. Can any of these triggers be made by a Homey command? Or will this automation work only in their own Eufy environment? It would be nice if a Homey motion detection would trigger ‘sound the alarm’ virtually and that would turn on the cameras to recording the event.

Hey @TheDude ,
Yes Is know these options.
The issue is that we cannot intercept that event/command. So from Homey it’s not possible to force send it.

The whole automation part is a spearate thing in Eufy

Thanks for your feedback Martijn.

Hello @martijnpoppen , are you planning to make the functionality available for the new Homey beta app? I’m new to Homey and looking forward to being able to add my eufy equipment. Kind regards, Martijn

Hey @mwagenmakers ,
Right now it’s not possible to make this app available for the Homey Cloud.
It requires a partnership between Eufy and Athom to make this possible.
As a community developer it’s not possible to make apps for Homey Cloud.
Hopefully Athom finds a way to partner up with Eufy and make a app for Eufy on Homey Cloud

In the Eyfy app.
When I switch the push message and the homeBase alarm off.
So only movement detection on. I get no reaction in homey device. On when I switch the push message on.
I think this is not ok.

Hey @PHEM_van_Oostrom ,
That’s exactly how the Homey app works.

Without push notifications the Homey app cannot function.
As this is no official integration of Eufy it has to go trough push notifications.

Just see the Homey app as a extra phone which is logged in on your Eufy account.

If you don’t want push notifications on your phone and only on Homey check the FAQ Q2

okay clear. Thanks for the effort.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Peter van Oostrom

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