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Developing a new Family iPhone App

@MarcelT is it also possible to use an app-specific password instead of the main password?

Hi, No sorry. tried this but couldn’t get it to work. But the last releases I did not test it anymore. Maybe I have fixed it by changing things to make it more stable.

Getting a lot of notifications:

Same here…
About 1 every 20 min

Did you put the sync on 1 minute?


Please try 1 and see if this will change. I am never get this warning anymore. Also a friend has tested it with 1 minute. Also no problems.

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Set to 1, keep u posted.

Was 3…
Now set to 1

To be safe restart the app.

I only received the massage 1 time at the beginning :slight_smile:

Can we also add persons who are not using the same appleID?

With the share to family this should work yes.

Don’t wanna Jinx it but did not get any notifications anymore with setting to 1

All fine with the interval set to 1 minute

Seems that to keep the session open safely we need to refresh more often. Maybe I need to fix the sync time on 1 minute.

1 thing for the battery lvl below 20: I get the warning when below 20%, very nice! But i also get the warning at 19, 18, 17 % and so on. Maybe this is adjustable?

Aha, ok. I will check this.

Are there any consequences for the battery life for the family phones?
Looks like 1 of the phones is loosing battery power very fast.

Apple will put this by default. However if you do not allow apple to use the GPS this will safe battery. Using the app or not does not make a difference. The location will be send to Apple anyhow so that you can use the find my iPhone app in case you lost your phone or if it was stolen.

You can check btw what is using the most battery to go to settings\battery on you iphone.

Yeah. That will be Facebook on top all the time for her hehe. But i’ll keep an eye on it, thnx

I cant get it to work. I have family sharing on and connected with someone els who uses another apple id. Do you have any suggestions?