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Do Athom even care?

Yes, @TedTolboom. Proper saint. You just reminded me I should donate some more to him for his hard work. Will do that right now.

This thread seems to have gone off in a direction that was unintended. It was supposed to be many things… a prod at Athom, a cry for help, a warning to potential new users etc

It was not meant to drive to digs at the very people that DO contribute, help, build this product and expand its usability and product compatability (i.e everyone but Athom)

Please, discuss, debate, (dissenting voices are important to take is out of our echo chamber) but let’s not lay into other community members…


To answer your question; they don’t if they did they would update/release some new plugins and support more devices (like Nest, homebridge has it so why not Homey) they will probably close doors in a year or so.

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I think you’ve stumbled across a very good point here, and one Athom could do with looking into. Why not reduce the cost of the homey device and charge for apps? I’d happily pay for something I knew was being looked after and kept up to date - instead of issues like the Hive app, Heatmiser app amongst many others.

Athoms support via email is average at best, anyone who says different I’d love to hear your experience. I asked why an app created by them had been removed and got the same as the Hive answer - too few people use it. As a result it’s now got me thinking about whether I want to invest anymore in Homey - what’s to say they stop supporting other apps I use at some point overnight.

They can’t be making much money apart from the hardware, and once you’ve bought that what else - 99p a month for backup and promises of other stuff which is yet to materialise.

Your suggestion would be a great way to create more income. Get some decent full time devs in - rewrite the apps starting with most users first, and charge a one off fee accordingly for them, or Homey Pro perhaps a tiered subscription where you can have 5 apps for £3 a month, 10 apps for £6 a month etc.

I’m more than happy to pay for apps on my phone that interact with Hue, creating effects etc - charge a % above cost for the hardware (which surely can’t be more than £100 and charge for the apps, I’d happily switch to that.

On a side note the Homey Pro really needs to do better, I hope something is in the pipeline for new hardware as I can’t see much benefit in upgrading at the moment - Can’t see why we can’t have external aerial connectors and ethernet as standard.

I admit that Athoms support should be improved hard.

Hmmm not in my case, he was always friendly. But yes, most of the time it was about sending reports but no real fix.

Look, you pay 400€ for a controller and expect a full reliable, always working and 24/7 supported piece of hardware?
Do me a favor and check how much a KNX controller or a real PLC is! Then add the support you wanna have and then rethink what you get here. (But let me note: Siemens will charge you a few thousands for this!)

400 bugs and life time support for any apps you want to use?
If YOU work for free, that’s fine for us but Homey has to pay the employees as well.
But feel free to create the app for Hive, it is up to you.

Yes I’m running of RC38 and I’m not really happy with me Homey during these days, because of different bugs in the firmware. But it is a beta version…


And you’ve got too love :popcorn:.
How the heck I missed this tread??
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Yeah, but they feel that they need RP executive, not a software engineer/developer

Well, if you can do better, apply for CEO without a salary and transform the company. It’s an offer they can’t refuse. Show’em how to do business!

Or are you in fact the umpteenth best helmsman on the shore?


You’re right… partially.
But the thing is, they should be ready for changes. We couldn’t see it at the moment.
And it should not be just CEO but external consulting board with aim to develop an not financial but behavioral things

As one with both devices, the Hubitat is another kind of beast.
BUT it ultimately depends on your use case. For light use cases and “newbies”/casuals, I would recommend Homey. It’s just all things to the majority of people.

If you feel you’re being held back, then you should take a look elsewhere, possibly getting yourself comfortable with node-red, which is supported by Hubitat.

I have Homey and Homey Pro. Homey Pro is sitting in a corner doing nothing. All my original Homey is doing is turning bathroom lights on and off.

Almost everything else… has been moved away - most to direct HomeKit or HomeKit via HomeBridge. Lights are Philips Hue and Ikea. Locks are Yale. Sockets are Lightwave RF. RTSP Cameras work via HomeBridge as well. So most is Zigbee - which works like s*it on Homey.

Sadly I now have 3 or 4 different gateways. But lights actually turn on when I request it - network is stable and does not flip flop all the time. I do not have a SINGLE signal repeater - no extra antennas - and it just works. It was not like that with Homey. There I spent more time figuring out why my lights did not turn on and why suddenly routing jumped all over the house to try and get to homey - and often just randomly “blinking out”

Everything Z-Wave has more or less been depreciated in my setup.

Yes I lost a few features. But it just works. So I have not had to touch the setup at all for the last 3-4 months. As I said - it just works.

Its good most of you guys where not here right after the kickstarter release. :rofl:
I dont get it. I have the very first model homey and never had any issues apart from the ones i created myself (to many apps, bad written apps and contradicting flows. etc).


I’m using HA for interaction (dashboard on tablet, app on mobile phone), however still using Homey for integration and flows (with MQTT inbetween).

Tried some automations on HA, this Almond-automation never worked for me. Always had to create them manually in the end to make it happen…

For me, there’s still no one-solution-fits-all… Working with a combination of Homey, HA, MQTT and Google Assistant and a little bit of Zapier…

You have to work hard to get a smart home :wink: