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Family link Homey 2.0


I’m trying to share a family link with my girlfriend, but when she openens the link the app opens and the nothing. I’ve tried this when creating a account for her and when I login with my account it also doesn’t work. Is there something else I need to do?

Can't add a new family member Homey v2

Me too. It never worked for me during the beta.
But now they have released 2.0, it still doesn’t work.

The link you share just sends me to the app store.
When you open the app it never knows about the referal token in the link.

I filed it with support.athom.com
I’ll keep you updated.


Will follow this topic, having the same problem.


For me this was fixed the day after. You need to make sure the other person already has a athom/homey account and has authenticated in the app.


With the latest Homey 2.0 Firmware & app it works for me now too.

Create a 2nd account for the family member.
After logging in you should see a popup “You have been invited”

If no succes:
Try to log out the new account on the 2nd phone.
And then click the invite link on the second phone (which opens the app) then log in with the new account.

Before I also tried it on a Nox player.
This didn’t work because the invite link always sent me to the app store, even when the Homey app was already installed.


I have tried all the above options on different devices but I keep getting the screen that no Homey is connected.

The status is also ‘waiting for confirmation’

Any ideas left?