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Google Nest SDM

Is it? Ok, I’ve never noticed.

Indeed. I believed you the first time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Its just, I never noticed. Or remember.

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@Martin_Verbeek Support for Nest protect smoke sensors is not possible yet?

No don’t think so, I don’t see it supported in the API… just thermostat, cam, hello doorbell and hub max.

Will the app also be available in the athom app store?

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I am doing a redesign of the app setup before releasing to homey store.
Additionally fixing some issues. Looks like this will take me a couple of days more.


I got this working now. Fantastic!
Now lets hope Google will add support for the Protects.

One sidenote: It doesnt work when your google account is inside a GSuite. So I had to make a normal account (and pay again)

On a Nest thermostat there is also a temperature from outside. Is there no trigger for it ?

@Martin_Verbeek, on the Homey Energy tab, all my devices linked to the app (cam+doorbell) show up as a smart meter…

Is this one usable? Or is this depricated/cancelled? https://developer-api.nest.com/devices/cameras/device_id/snapshot_url

Found here:

Only still usable when you have not migrated your nest account to a Google account.

Can you tell me where this gave you problems?

Will look into the why, did not notice it. Thanks

Did not see an event for this in the API.

I got the message exactly in the end of the process when signing in to Google Nest with your account. Does this make sense?

Found the issue, will be corrected in the next update.

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Hi Martin,
First of all; awesome job!
Glad to hear that the Nest Protect will be integrated as well.
Last week I followed all your steps and was able to get my Nest Hello working.
Unfortunately no ‘snap shot’ but i was able to make flows when someone rang the doorbell.
However, since a couple of days it doesn’t work anymore; no connection with the doorbell.
I expect more people with the issue, but might be a problem on my end…
I restarted the app and the homey, no joy. What can I do to trouble shoot?
Keep up the good work!

What do you see in the logs?
(Log tab when selecting Configure App in the Google Nest SDM app from the list of Apps)

“Error: not_Found”
I also see that all my data (Google GCP / Google Nest) data has been removed.
It works for a short while, before he (apparently) resets the data.