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Aha! Found the correct device now. Need to rush, will try it letter. Thanks for the fast reponse!

Additional question: in a zone, which thermostaat needs to be added? The virtual one added via the HSA, or the VThermostat that is a ‘placeholder’ (the one you would like to see hidden).


Have I found a bug?

I have a zone with a VThermostat and it gives correct feedback of the two temp sensors (Aqua) and the setpoint I created in the Heating Plan Scheduler (HPS):

That works fine. The measured temperature is the average of the two measuring temperature sensors (clever programming!). The set temperature correspondes with the one I set in the plan for the living room. Great!

To be able to quickly adjust the current setpoint, I added a Virtual Thermostaat via HPS to the plan ‘Plan WK (=Living room Plan)’.

Adding it was a breeze, but the devise shows incorrect information. It will show the correct setpoint of the room (but sometimes not), but the measured temperature is incorrect:

The zone has no measuring devices, other than the VThemostat. Childzones in this specific zone have no temp measuring devices. Where does the 10 degrees come from?

I re-added both themostats and found even weirder measured temperatures, as low a 7 degrees.

Am I doing something wrong? Should I just ignore the measures temperature?

Hi Markus,

I love your app and have used it for a long time. Now, for a while, the app doesn’t send the temperature change anymore based on the schedule.

It the timeline I can see that the device is being sent the change to 21 degrees, but mostly not the change to 18 degrees anymore.

What could I do?

Cheers, MIchel.

Yes i have the same issue. Using a flow at the moment because the scheduler is not always reliable.

Same problem here :confused:

Hope developer will pick up this bug?

Yes, I have the same problem too.

I have the same problem too. Mostly for HeatIt thermostats

As workaround, restart the App minimum one time per day solves the problem.

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well, not really a future proof solution

Hello Markus, I’ve installed your app I find very useful but I would like to change the standard values of the Set Points (Night, Economy, Comfort, Comfort Plus). I looked in the app with no solution.
Thanks in advance for your reply.

that works for me

You can enter any value yourself!

Thank you Eternity, I know I can but I was looking how to change the standard values.
I’m testing the App but as I had it stopping working within few hours using manual inserted values, I have now the system flawless running since a couple of days using the standard values … I do not know if this is a casualty (probably) or a possible indication for the bug.

Anyone an idea why I got this error today?
It seems the thermostat (Eurotronics Spirit) was set to 22° like planned.
The value in the plan also seems to be ok (no spaces or other characters)
Is the error message wrong or could this be caused by the thermostats/ZWave?

Here is another screenshot from HomeyDash. Instead of temperature only the text Wert (value) is shown.

Perhaps edit the driver files…

Answering myself to give other user the information…
It’s a bug in german translation and will be fixed soon.

Did some testing with the new release of the app. Looks like the temperatures are set correctly. Will do some more testing.! But thanks