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Aha! Found the correct device now. Need to rush, will try it letter. Thanks for the fast reponse!

Additional question: in a zone, which thermostaat needs to be added? The virtual one added via the HSA, or the VThermostat that is a ‘placeholder’ (the one you would like to see hidden).


Have I found a bug?

I have a zone with a VThermostat and it gives correct feedback of the two temp sensors (Aqua) and the setpoint I created in the Heating Plan Scheduler (HPS):

That works fine. The measured temperature is the average of the two measuring temperature sensors (clever programming!). The set temperature correspondes with the one I set in the plan for the living room. Great!

To be able to quickly adjust the current setpoint, I added a Virtual Thermostaat via HPS to the plan ‘Plan WK (=Living room Plan)’.

Adding it was a breeze, but the devise shows incorrect information. It will show the correct setpoint of the room (but sometimes not), but the measured temperature is incorrect:

The zone has no measuring devices, other than the VThemostat. Childzones in this specific zone have no temp measuring devices. Where does the 10 degrees come from?

I re-added both themostats and found even weirder measured temperatures, as low a 7 degrees.

Am I doing something wrong? Should I just ignore the measures temperature?

Hi Markus,

I love your app and have used it for a long time. Now, for a while, the app doesn’t send the temperature change anymore based on the schedule.

It the timeline I can see that the device is being sent the change to 21 degrees, but mostly not the change to 18 degrees anymore.

What could I do?

Cheers, MIchel.

Yes i have the same issue. Using a flow at the moment because the scheduler is not always reliable.

Same problem here :confused:

Hope developer will pick up this bug?

Yes, I have the same problem too.