Heiman smoke detector



I was just browsing for a new smoke detector when I found this old topic:

It seems it never got supported. But then I found this:

The Zipato smoke detector seems to be the exact same thing as the Heiman one.
Of course: the Heiman is available for about 30 dollars including shipping. Did anyone test the Heiman smoke detector with the Zipato plugin, just to see if it works out of the box?


Good question.
I do use now Fibaro Smoke detectors. In house these are working fine, but in the garage not.
I now tried two different fibaro’s in the garage but until now at beginning of the winter the fibaro is starting false smoke detection several times a day. (Reason I don’t know: Lower temp? Higher humidity?) Very anoing. After trying twice Fibaro with the same results, I decide to stop with Fibaro in the garage (A pitty because it looks very nice). So I’m looking for an other brand and wondering if Heiman/ Zipato is a good solution.
Other ideas are welcome also