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Heiman smoke detector


Hello guys,

I’ve also (blind) bought some of these via ALI.
They can be added as a general z-wave device and are inactive when viewing in the homey app.
I presume they become active when smoke is detected (has anyone tried this?). In that way hypothetically you can write a flow to make them work.




I havent tried it. I added them as general zigbee (i have the zigbee version, heiman sells both versions) and pressed the test button and it didnt swich on in the flow.
Also i tried to make a flow where if one of the smokedetectors would be active, it would also push the others in active (i have three) but it didn’t work if i ran the test flow option.
With this i wanted to make a flow that would active all the three smoke detectors if one gets active.


I see an app is there for the smoke detector. And it works fine, hope the temp sensor and door contact also being supported soon.


i found the app for zwave. still have to wait for the zigbee option.
hope this is still work in process


I’m curious about progress too. I now have two of the zigbee version (2 more on the way) and was hoping to include them in my home security system. I’m unsure about the on/off state in case of fire, but sadly it isn’t linked to the siren.


Thanks for creating the Zwave version!!


As an update, I tested the on/off state with smoke, but it does not do anything. Until the inclusion of the zigbee sensors in the app, these are just dumb smoke sensors.


Which is logical, because the sensor is sleeping (and not listening continuously) to preserve the battery.


Thanks for the great app!

I finally can include my smoke sensors.

However I can’t join the smoke sensors together so when the one upstairs detects smoke, the ones downstairs wil start the alarm too.

Is this even possible with this type of smoke sensor?

I now have a workaround with a flow for each smoke sensor assiociated with the general alarms…

But a happy homey user over here!


@TedTolboom is there any timeframe for.the zigbee inclusion into the app?


@TedTolboom @eval
Is it possible, or will it be possible to turn on the alarm of the smoke detector from a flow?

@eval Maybe it is best you create a topic here on the forum for the Heiman app, so that all questions regarding the app will be in one topic (it is done like this for most apps)


No, this is not possible.


@eval @TedTolboom
I see that in the assiciations group 2 is used to send a command class basic on.
Is it possible for you to try if this command class can be used to turn on the siren?

Or have you already looked at possibilities to turn on the siren from Homey?

I have contacted heiman to ask this question also, if they reply to me, I can have a look at the app myself. If this can be built in, I intend to buy the sensors myself :slight_smile:


The association group only provides a trigger from the sensor to turn on other devices (like the Heiman siren device) based on the smoke alarm to be triggered and has nothing to do with an option to turn on the siren itself.

Based on the documentation, I tried to trigger the siren with a custom flow card; but not successfull.
So based on this test, I don’t expect it to be possible.

Looking forward to the feedback / confirmation of Heiman


@eval @TedTolboom

Dear both,
As written before i have bought the heiman smokedetector Zigbee. In the first phase when you where developing the app it was written that in a later stage the app would also support Zigbee, but i understand now from the repo of @eval in the app store that it will not be support.

I am quite new to all Zigbee and Z-wave so it might be a stupid question, but could you please let me know if it is technically not possible to link them or if it is to much of development and therefore it is not on your road map ?

Because i want to decide if i wait untill somebody develops the Zigbee support or throw the three smokedetectors away and buy a different kind.