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Ok, that confirms the code gets executed twice. I guess you will also see a double Disarm in the Heimdall log, could you check that and post a screenshot here?
(To make the log more readable, open it on the developer pages and use this tip)

(Btw, did you happen to try the number 1 IT solution already: the infamous reboot?)

Im receiving also notification twice for quite a long time.

When i make the delay to 0 sec before the alarm turns on (state change to armed or disarmd) i get also two messenges on the time line. When i set a small delay i get just one message.

@igy you get 2 notifications on arming and disarming, can you also try to disable the setting mentioned to Henk_Renting and report the result? (What happens when you reboot your Homey?)

@Jan_Willem_Visser can you post a screenshot of your settings? The combination of using an Arming Delay while setting it to 0 seconds isn’t something I’ve tested. (What happens when you reboot your Homey?)

Forgot to mention: my Homey reboots every monday night, and that did not help unfortunately…

I’m not able to do this because the app get frozen when i open heimdall. I can not change anything anymore in heimdall.

for me the 5 seconds delay to arm/disarm is fine for me so is is not a problem and the app works fine. It only is a bit anoing that i can not change things anymore but that is not a problem of heimdall…

@Henk_Renting did you look at the log?
Can you post a screenshot of your flow that you use to Disarm?
What happens when you copy that flow and use something else to trigger it, or even just test it from the flow editor?

@Jan_Willem_Visser you can also open app settings from the developer pages at: https://developer.athom.com/tools/app-settings not a fix for the freezing of the app, but it should enable you to adjust settings.

Thank you verry much, did’t no that option :grinning:

This is a printsdreen of the settings, i heave now a delay of 5 seconds and then i get one message on the time line when i armed/disarmed Heimdall. When i set the delay to 0 i get two messeges on the timeline.

@Henk_Renting can you post a screenshot of Heimdalls log when the double notification occurs?

@Jan_Willem_Visser I’m not seeing a screenshot in your post, could you try posting it again?


@DaneedeKruyff For some miraculous reason I do not get the double notifications anymore… Nothing’s changed…
Very strange!
When they do occur, I will post a screenshot of the log here…

That’s good news, can’t explain it though… Welcome in the Wonderful World of Homey!

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Would it be possible to support a second logical device “fire alarm” with similar capabilities as the regular heimdall app?

Select all fire/smoke/co sensors similar to configuring the regular alarm, and support for ‘fire detected / smoke detected / co detected / high temp detected’ alarm events.

Arming the fire alarm would be triggered by any of these types of events. Turning off alarm should be a manual button. Perhaps support automatically enabling the alarm after a timeout…

Just a thought. Seems fairly easy to implement as most of the code elements already exist.

Thanks for considering!


Hi @RogerSt

This has been asked before here.
In short, this:

still applies. So, Heimdall has no added value over building flows that get triggered by fire/smoke/co/hight temp alarms, it would however add an extra layer, something I would wan’t to have when dealing with these types of sensors.

Thanks to @Erik_M_Madsen you can now use Heimdall in Danish!

Also, the A logline was written flow trigger card now has a tag with the zone name of the device that triggered the card. This enables you to filter on the zone in which a device is placed. Useful for the the request by @rindler

Version 2.0.38

  • Added Danish language
  • Added Zone tag to A logine was written flowcard

I went trough all flows and realised that I had one flow that was updating virtual device status based on current surveillance mode to have the correct status displayed in Homeydash. The same button is used to activate and deactivate the partial arming. And this is causing double notifications. When I disabled this flow, everything is OK. :slight_smile:

Clear answer, thanks very much Danee, makes sense…

@Igy Thanks for letting me know

@RogerSt You’re welcome!

want to send an notification which says who or / and how the alarm has been turned off.

Is there any way to tag which user has turned off the alarm?

I hope this would be possible with Homeys tag and logic functions, but I am stuck…

Hello @Gilje,

What method do you use to change the Surveillance Mode?

When using a flow you could construct it so every separate user has it’s own flow, when coupled with a Virtual Device per flow each user would have to use their specific Virtual Device.
When using the Surveillance Mode Switch this is unfortunately not possible.