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My cats can use every room. Do you think there is no other workaround for motion sensors to distinguish between cats and humans?

I don’t know ofany sensor that could. But I also didn’t investigate at all.

I know that for “regular” alarm systems you can get sensors that don’t even see a full size dog (like a labrador) but do see humans.

The Aeotec MultiSensor (v6) has a Motion Sensor Sensitivity setting (5 levels) but I only recommend using it when you can power it by USB because in my experience it drains batteries like a mad man.

But when your pets are always inside I would suggest to not use motion sensors but only sensors that monitor the different entry ways into your appartement, so door and window sensors. When you’re afraid someone will brake a window to get in you could possibly use the Aqara Vibration sensor to detect tampering with the glass.

Hi i am trying to setup the flow but it does not work. When i press the test button it does work but when the i change state of all persons to be not at home it does not work.

Here is my flow

I don’t think this has anything to do with Heimdall but with getting the flow to execute properly.
@moderators can any of you split this into a new topic?

Parrently it is the heimdall app that need to function for this

Since you say the way you trigger the flow makes a difference indicates the problem with the flow. The Heimdall action flow card will only be triggered when the flow is executed succesfully so that needs to be fixed first before I can help you.

Hi @DaneedeKruyff, have created the IAS devices as proposed and all are werking fine! This has saved me a ton of extra work.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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You’re welcome, glad I could be of help.