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Heimdall not working on homey 2.0 is enough of a reason to not upgrade for me. However i don’t feel bad to wait some time and see if 2.0 stabilizes in the first place.


From the looks of it, the majority of the apps my automation depends on are V2 compliant (Except Heimdall :wink: ) and I get a feel that people that are able to use V2 are happy with it. (Apart from the loss of the WebUI) When Geofencing is there I’m a step closer to upgrading I think.
But… In my opinion there’s a major hurdle to take before I upgrade and that’s the dependancy on Athoms Cloud environment just for logging on. It seems recognised by @Emile if I read his comments on Slack well and he will think about redesigning it, but without an ETA.

So, in order to bring Heimdall to V2 I will need to get another Homey. @TedTolboom suggested I started a fund raiser to buy one and I think that’s a good idea. Apart from a couple of people that did donate already (money I spend on sensors to implement and test in Heimdall) I’m a bit disappointed when I compare the number of installs to the number of donations made (which is less than 1%).
So if you run V2 and want to get Heimdall rewritten to V2 without waiting for me to upgrade to V2 you can help by making a donation.
Donations can be made to my paypal address

I do like to add that no one needs to feel obliged to donate, it will just help speed up development on Heimdall V2. I will do my best to get Heimdall updated as soon as possible, but do remember that I am not a developer by profession and I do this in my spare time.

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Bitte um Unterstützung der Heimdall-App von @DaneedeKruff

Donation of € 10,- just send!


Hey Danee, I installed your app only few months back and soon after it changed my HA completely! I did donate back then and here is again 15Euros!
Thanks for such beautiful work and hope to see the V2 ready if you get a Homey and time.


Hi Danee, great work your Heimdall app and other contributions! Also donation send!


Done, thx Danee!


Done as well. Great app!


Just donated another 5 euro. Thanks and good luck with the development


And 10. Thank you for this app


Thx for your work and i Hope you will have many donations for heimdall v2!

Just send you a donation about 20€!


Thanks for the support everybody, also the ones that donated and didn’t post here! We’re almost half way there!


10€… on your account…
Happy developing !


€10,- for you. Love all the developers who spend time on these great apps.


Love your app! Also €10!


Thanks Danee

also send you a donation


Next challenge will be to find a shop with Homey in stock. Normally I would say Robbshop, but they are out of stock. Maybe buy yourself a super Homey and use your old one for Development.


Donated, keep up the great work!


Well I saw there was still stock at 2 Media Markts nearby so I guess it won’t be a problem.


Good to know. My dad is gonna buy one to use as a security system/presence simulation. Guess what app will be one of the first to be installed?


Donated as well.

I love the way your attitude changed from sceptical about v2.0 and not investing time/energy in the app anymore because of the loss of a web UI to; “hey, this actually is quite cool and well thought of”. For that alone (plus of course the great work that Athom has done), I salute you and may I use your app for a long time to come :)!