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Homey 2.0.0 Experimental discussion [EN]



Sure, but the timer runs out in 4 days.


Lotts off work to do :wink:


Really? You go on the website and they are promoting this and the very nature of the home automation enthusiast is to tinker… what else is someone going to do…

ESPECIALLY when they hit bugs in 1.5 - they assume… oh I am sure Version 2.0 is miles ahead on these bugs… It si after all, the biggest update ever done…

oh… wait… no… it hasnt fixed this stuff…

actually…wait… stuff is now missing that I did have…

and they are screwed then

And then… they come on here and get flamed for complaining


I think the mobile app will become available.



EXPERIMENTAL so, whats the difference?


Honestly im not sure i’ve personally always kinda viewed it as

RC = (Open) Beta
Experimental = Release Candidate


The RC’s are on the experimental channel too, aren’t they?


  • experimental = “not stable”
  • RC = (open) beta
  • on-experimental-but-not-an-RC-or-beta-or-alpha = release candidate (GM)


I start to reply to you … then gave up started turning into a Abbott & Costello Who’s On First Routine.


To me the rc’s were alpha versions and the current 2.0 feels like beta1.


So, it looks like we are going to 2.0 in a couple of days no matter what.
Now, I was wondering, if you load the experimental now, will the download for the final be less, or is it going to download a full image anyway?

In the first scenario I would be tempted to download now, in the latter scenario I will just hold off until final, choices, choices, choices


Even though it might be released in a few days, it will stay an (optional) manual update, it will not update automatically.

The update size between now experimental (non RC) and stable will be most likely the same (maybe a few bytes difference), so it doesn’t matter when you update.


Ok thanks for clarifying Caseda.
I’ll hold off for now in that case.


To me the rc’s were alpha versions and the current 2.0 feels like beta1.

Hear hear


The ironic part is they named the versions like this, so the normal users (e.g. not us) wouldnt get confused. :stuck_out_tongue: (according to emile on slack a while ago)


Hi, is there a possibility in fw 2.0 to scan for an ip address?
I had this app net scan on the earlier firmware but it isn’t compatible with fw 2.0
I used this to see when my tv came online after 20h then my lights got dimmed, my screens closed,…
Is this possible in the new firmware?


You can download netscan, alter line 25 of app.json and install it through the CLI


Meanwhile in the Apple app store…

The link to the 2.0 app says “not available in your country” at the moment btw. Awaiting the Release for Tomorrow i suppose.


As a small reminder.
As soon as homey v2 is in the stable channel, it will not be possible anymore to revert back to 1.5.13, even with a factory reset it is not possible.


Homey 2.0 in app store (ios)

Homey (Gen. 2) van Athom B.V.


Firmware 2.0.0 is available.