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And Homey PRO just announced. https://blog.athom.com/announcing-homey-v2-0-and-homey-pro/


And… … there is the proof…

For all the flaming and saying they wouldnt release it out of Experimental until its ready…

ATHOM clearly cares so much…


I guess that it has to do with running a business. They connected the shipment of new homey’s with the release of this firmware so it was key for them to release the firmware at a certain date/time. And to be honost. If I check the forums (both dutch and english) and other sources I think that 2.0 has just a few minor bugs. I know it doesn’t deserve a great price but I can understand why Athom decided this.

This doesn’t mean I agree with it. I won’t update my Homey until I think it’s stable enoug.


I personally think V2 is way more stable than V1.5, and it has been for a while. Especially if you use the app for turnings things on/off.

Havent had any problems with V2 except some issues updating every now and then.


Is the “stable 2.0 version” released now the same as tha lates beta? Do I have upgrade in some way?


I think its black magic…

They go from Experimental to Release with no change…



I am not a developer but I think that is normal that the last experimental version of a software is (almost) the same then the release. Bigger changes could also cause new bugs.


I asked homey what their plan is when apps aren’t being developed anymore. This was the unsatisfying response:

Thank you for your e-mail.

Sorry to hear that the current app developer is not responding (normally he is quite active in the community).
If a community app is no longer developed by a community developer he can put it up for adaption so other community developers can take over the development.

If it is an app with quite a lot of install Athom sometimes takes over the development to make sure that the app will work on future updates.

In the case of this app, if you have some coding skills yourself you can try and develop the app further yourself. Another solution would be to post a request of the community forum to see if another community developer is willing to take over the development.

However, I would suggest to try and get in contact with the developer via our Slack channel, I’ve seen him online recently so I think that will be the better way to contact him (https://athomcommunity.slack.com)

Yeah the woman is right now not too happy with having this solution… Unfortunately the switch + fibaro will not fit which is why I need those Z-Wave.ME switches


@Xtasy Maybe @Caseda Z-Wave Genius
can take it over? Or contact developer to ask what is the problem?


I know how to fix the error at installation (defaultConfiguration). Maybe I could help? But any other developer could it also.


Is it possible to hide the timeline view?
I mean - on the starting screen it is not necessary to see that but devices or groups (lights, temps, windows etc) would be.
So why is „timeline“ taking 60% of the screen??? How to deactivate that?


I find your contributions very… contributing…



:joy: he’s not always nagging :wink:

I already filed a bugreport for this, the more people do that the more Athom understands this :slight_smile:


Awh… Thank you


This is true…

Just have bug bear right now about the way something was handled and then I got flamed in the forums for having an opinion…

Anyways… Onwards and upwards…

Congrats to @athom for achieving 2.0…
Looking forward, eagerly to 2.1


Would be awesome if you could help! Maybe this can give you a start?


If I read correctly the dev has a newborn so obviously he got other priorities right now :slight_smile:

But IMHO that is something Athom needs to tackle asap. Life gets in the way and people have to stop supporting apps but if you build your business model on the community providing the apps for your device, well you need to have a good contingency plan or it will fail.


Hi, does anyone know where to find a structured list of supported apps and devices (+known issues?) in Homey V2?


For apps see Homey 2.0.0 Community App Compatibility List


Well I guess this is as far as I get as a non dev