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Homey.ink on a tablet/desktop


Yeah, that one i already found. But that is the unique device ID. I mean the product or device id that is stored in settings section and is visible on the device page. That specifies a range of devices (f.i. all Xiaomi round therm./humid sensors) so you can build a tile around that.


New update works perfect, nice that it now remembers the device tile setting which value you want to see. Just one thing, my plugwise devices dont show any meters at all with this update. And when clicking on the tile you “only” turn them on/off so I can choose anything

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That’s correct, value information is (for now) only available for tiles that don’t have a quick action, in other words only tiles that have no function when you click on them.

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Ah, thats probably something like device.settings.zb_device_id

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Alas, already tried that. The return is “undefined” and if i put “.value” behind it then my tiles disappear from the page… :stuck_out_tongue:
Will continue my search, for now it works on the most important tiles, be it without decimal.


If you look at the original version (online) and the version of @DaneedeKruyff, @Ruud what a progress and this only in about 20 days! I can only say thanks devs for supporting us here, because of you all this is so much more then a 1 day wonder!
I already have seen reviews, reactions online that because of this people decided to buy a Homey!

@Athom; 400+ posts in 19 days in the homey.ink customisation thread … I think people might be interested in a dashboard solution … :slight_smile:


does anyone here know how you can run a https version from a synology nas of a homey.ink?


Indeed, i still dont understand why the dashboard had to be killed in the updates


I don’t have a Synology yet, could not yet convince my wife that we need this :rofl: :crazy_face: :grimacing:

But I saw an article on Lets Encrypt with a tutorial how to use this service on a Synology, maybe this can help? https://www.synology.com/en-global/knowledgebase/DSM/help/DSM/AdminCenter/connection_certificate


try this:

      for ( setting in device.settings) {
        console.log(device.name + ": " + setting + " = "+ device.settings[setting])

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And you’re not gonna need one. Don’t tell anyone, but Roco’s gonna have a present for us all soon, shhhttt :shushing_face::zipper_mouth_face:


@DaneedeKruyff short question, cool that we now can flip true sensor values but how is the alarm (orange) option now triggered, for all values below/above the configured treshold? or for only the value thats shown on the device button? if for all is it then possible to trigger the alarm and change to the right value(s)?


I think the alarm state is only valid for a true alarm state of the device (i.e. motion, open, tamper). Not for thresholds you set in a flow or somewhere else.
Correct me if i’m wrong.


Thanks! Looks great, I will try if i can use this! :beers:


Hi @PetervdK, @DaneedeKruyff, has configured that as the Mi Flora sensor treshold for moisture goes below/above the configured tresholds (so when to water the plants, or when drowning the plant :stuck_out_tongue: ) that the device button generates an alert and colors orange like for instance a door/window sensor, quite handy to be honest :wink:


Hi, is it not possible to run this (tried the local and online version) in a iFrame, was hoping to create a splitscreen with my dakboard and Homey.ink but does not seem to load?

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Ah, ok, missed that. Well, i did see it in the code, but did’t realize it. Hmm, opens new perspectives… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Looking through the code i think it will trigger always, even if it is not the current shown value.

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The Danee version is now online!!

No need for running this locally or put it on a Synology anymore!

All credits for this goes to Weejewel to give us this good start and Danee for making this project this wicked already in this short timeframe. I just provided the domain name and the hosting. There is already an IPhone theme and an IPad theme. Ofc also the web theme to run on a desktop.

You need to login first at https://homey.ink and get ur token there from the console. Then go to


Fill in the token after this url and enjoy this great project!

Home Dashboard jetzt offiziell online!

Wow awesome job. :open_mouth::open_mouth:Thanks a lot


very nice work this. credits !! what the requirement of the browser. not working on old iPad or iPad mini