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Hi all,
these are screenshots of the previously mentioned flows, that use Network Check, Better Logic (defined variable Ping_failed) and run on Homey v.2.0.5 with power user enabled.

Of course, Mobile push notifications will work only inside LAN, not outside when WAN is lost…

Another flow informs about WAN regaining and zeroes the flag.

Enjoy it :slight_smile:

I have the same issue since a few days. First it started with red ring of death and now homey is sometimes offline. No real reason I can think of… :frowning:
I saw in this tread I could reboot homey each night by simply running a flow. But I have no ‘system’ card. How and where can I find this one?

More/settings/experiments–>enable power user

I have simular problems since i updated to homey v2

I do not have heimdall installed but here Homey often is also suddenly offline.
The strange thing is when i ping homey it respond, when i use local link http://IP.HOMEY/api/app/com.internet/whitelist/ i get a respond after a while, so Homey is online but very slow…

When i try to connect using the app or webflow i get a message Homey is offline…
So it seems homey is very ‘busy’ and therefore very slow, problem is i have no idea WHY homey is slow, i have no options to login and see any running processes etc.

Anyone an idea how do i get Homey back online again but also how to prevent this from happening at the first place.

Is there a way to login to homey (using ssh) and control homey or see running processes or logs?

Are there any extra special firewall or port forwarind settings needed for the app to connect at all?
Must i whitelist any IP’s specially for Homey so it is responding?

Hope someone can advise/help.

Hi, did you check (test) if the Network app does trigger a network failure? I use your flows but when de Homey restart the card “regained internet connection” does not trigger the cards in the THEN section.

Hi @Rob,

I didn’t tested it as the flow Homey has WAN doesn’t aim to inform me about the reboot.

According to my information, the Network check card Homey has lost it’s internet connection is triggered after a failed ping to cloud. It might occure every minute.
The card Homey has regained it’s internet connection is triggered only by at least one successful ping following at least one failed ping before. I expect that reboot clears the flag indicating the lost connection therefore it will not trigger the card after reboot.

I use the flow Homey has WAN to inform me about successful ping again after several failed pings.

If you want to be informed about the restart of Homey, I would propose you to use system card Homey has started (see the screenshot below) that will inform you right after restart.

Hope it helps.
BTW, since my Homey runs version 2.1.1 it’s pretty stable :grinning:

I did some tests and I can inform you that both cards don’t trigger anything. The only thing it does is flash the LED ring (red) voor a sec or so.

Yes, you are right. I can unfortunately only confirm it…
Even, I was not able to access my Homey from LAN… This makes the flows useless… Sorry.

Maybe I will ask the support why it doesn’t trigger the event.

Dňa ut 23. 4. 2019, 16:03 Rob via Homey Community Forum athom@discoursemail.com napísal(a):

In the case that Homey goes offline, I have noticed that a software reset via a flow does not return Homey online. You must perform a PTP to get Homey online again. Let’s hope release 2.1.2 addresses this issue…

How do you do a software reset when Homey is offline, not reachable?

I used a NFC on my Homey v1 for resetting but also a wireless switch as fe a 433 / KAKU could work imho. Have not tested yet with v2 if that also works but I don’t see a real problem.

If the temperature (Darksky app) not change within an hour (trigger) then a flow reset Homey. But the reset does not bring Homey back online, you need to pull the plug. So this is not a temporary solution for this issue.

I don’t understand the use case: Why do you want to reset when the temperature is not changing?
I agree the Homey should come back online when you reset (restart I think?) the Homey through a flow.

I use that as a trigger when there is no internet connectivity and Homey goes offline. Flows still run when there is no internet connectivity.

Ok, I understand. My Homey Pro gets inaccessible after a few days. High load, high mem usage of system. Switching on devices via flows are really slow. I’m looking for a way to detect when this happens. I don’t think the method in this thread could work for me unfortunately.

The restart of Homey using the Flow Card works (Triggerd by touching an NFC), also when Homey is disconnected from the internet fe by unplugging the Modem. Local App Worked and Homey Showed Disconnected!.

I did not have much time but This one:
did not trigger within ~6 minutes while I got the Red Ring warnings…
So I guess the Network Check App isn’t working completely

I have connected the Homey adapter via a Wi-Fi plug, controlled by a separate app, Smart-Life. So if Homey is really not responding i can switch it on and off with the Smart-Life app. As a matter of fact, i had to do just that for the first time earlier today… Works like a charm :ok_hand:

Thats a good solution as well.
Having a reliable method of detecting when homey is offline is still something I am looking for.

A very simple method could be to make a flow that sends you a push message (including a a date/time tag) every hour. If it misses one (or it arrives way too late) then you know something is or could be wrong…
Or, in case you are home, let Homey say “I’m still working” every hour… :slight_smile: