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My external IP has not changed during the time the token expired, so I assume this cannot be the reason (in my case anyway).

Perhaps the IP address of your Homey is changing. Or do you use a MAC reservation for your Homeys IP address?

Not sure whether or not this is changeable, but look in my screendump for difference in temperature:
Temp upper left has been changed in settings and comes from local temp sensor, temp in overlay window probably from Homey self.

I also have tokens that expire, except my main account. I use 2 other accounts only for the dashboard.

I was thinking maybe it has something to do with the login/usage of the homey app.

My main account is logged in all the time in the homey app. The other 2 account’s i only log in to change the favorite devices etc. So after an x days/weeks a user didn’t log in to the homey app the token expires. When logging in again to the homey app a new token is generated.

don’t know for sure though…just my thoughts.

There is a bug in hoheydash.com when it comes to displaying temperatures below zero. Having -1,3 C outside (according to my Netatmo) -2,3 C is displayed. I hade a brief look at the code and the error seems to emanate from the file homeydash.app.js and the function renderValue($value, capabilityId, …) and the line

var integer = Math.floor(capabilityValue)

The floor() method rounds a number DOWNWARDS to the nearest integer so I guess thats the culprit. Math.floor(-2) will therefor return -3.

Could it be better to use str.split() perhaps??

@DaneedeKruyff ^^

@PO_Blomstrand Please check when it’s freezing again.

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Nice! Now it’s correct!!

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I’m running homeydash on Google Nest Hub. As soon as I end the casting to it the dash resets. Is there a way to save some of the settings in the url?


I have completely the same issue, was working fine before for months but stopped working without any changes from my side and to be honest makes my hubs in the house more or less not used anymore :frowning: very sad but what I understand from @DaneedeKruyff this is not something he can fix :frowning: :sob:

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Hello to all people hosting homeydash on your own server… and @DaneedeKruyff as idea for HomeyDash…

There was a discussion in the german part about the timeline and how to clear ist with one click.
@mapulu gave the hint about the web API method: Timeline Flow

So I added a delete buttoin to HomeyDash:

  1. use the existing “delete.png” or add your preferred icon to the folder app/img/ like these icons:


  2. Add this code to homeydash.app.js, function renderInfoPanel( ) after lines
    case “t”:
    $infopanel.innerHTML = ‘’;

      var $infoPanelNotificationsIcon = document.createElement('div');
      $infoPanelNotificationsIcon.id = "infopanel-notifications-icon"
      $infoPanelNotificationsIcon.style.backgroundImage = 'url(img/delete.png)';
      $infoPanelNotificationsIcon.style.backgroundSize = 'cover';
      $infoPanelNotificationsIcon.style.backgroundPosition = 'center';
      $infoPanelNotificationsIcon.addEventListener('click', function() {
      	homey.notifications.deleteNotifications( );
  3. Add the style to web.css:

    .infopanel-notifications-icon {
      position: absolute;
      top: 2vmin;
      left: 2vmin;
      width: 7vmin;
      height: 7vmin;