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Hello Community,

am I the only one with the following behaviour?

Every time Homey restarted, the configuration within HomeKit is gone. Devices are again al favourites, devices sorted to their rooms are not in their rooms anymore, they are in the standard room…

Any ideas?


Qubino Minidimmer shows up as switch in Apple Home app . is it possible to fix so it works as dimmer ?

Can you find the device on this page and post its capabilities here?

The fact that is shows up as a socket instead of a light is unexpected, because Homeykit checks virtualClass first and should see that the device has light as virtual class. But because it’s apparently seen as a socket, it should explain why it can’t be dimmed from Homekit, because the default Home app on iOS doesn’t support dimming on sockets (some other apps, like Eve, do support it, I think).

Not sure how to fix this.

Ive got it to work . Removed and Add in homeykit app. Now it work and is dimmable in Apple Home App. :wink:

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When you add a Qubino Minidimmer its default virtual class is “other” so after its added change to “light”remove and add it in homeykit after that it’s correct identified as dimmer in Apple Home kit

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Good evening Community,

Does anyone know why Homey won‘t show up after installation? I tried a restart (app and homey, even iPhone and AppleTV), deleted all devices except one in the app settings, even klicked the clear storage button in the settings, but Homey does not show up in HomeKit. And I forgot, yes they are on the same net.

Maybe also interesting: I am talking about my developer Homey, the All-Day-One works fine.


Running Homeykit twice on the same network isn’t supported.

Hello Robert,

Well, nice to know. Thank you, for the fast information.
I guess I have to try working with VLAN.


Hello, since Version 3.20 i have problems with the IOS Home App. I have 12 fibaro roller Shutter 2, when the Rollershutter are open the status shows “opening”, also if the are open and not “open”.

best regards