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How to set up IKEA tradfri gateway app?

I don’t run v5 so can’t comment on it, but I don’t use Homey for Zigbee (or home automation) in general anyway :grimacing:

My experience with the gateway (more than a year ago) was pretty good, although every few weeks or so it starting giving issues and I had to reboot it. After a reboot, it worked fine for a few weeks again.

Make sure that the gateway has a fixed IP address in your network. I don’t think you can configure that on the gateway itself so you have to do that in your home network’s router (give it a fixed IP address in the DHCP settings). Otherwise the IP address may change and the app can “lose” it.

“Fixed IP” , Good one. It doesn’t have now so I will arrange that. Hope that improve the stability between the ikea hub and the homey. But first need to figure out why the Ikea hub itself lost several bulbs. When I find something I’ll just add it here.

I experience the loss of bulbs in the ikea app after a firmware update of the bulbs themselves. Disconnect and reconnect the bulbs from the power supply solves the problem for me.

Thanks Raymond, that did the trick! I designed the technical installation of the house for “smart only”, so we don’t have any wired switches. That shows a downside now that it’s more difficult to disconnect/power off some of the bulbs. But turning off a group on the fuse box / tech closet? does the trick. I try to prevent to do that often because all other devices connected, but for this simple reset it’s worth it, thanks a lot! :grinning:

going bananas here…
So I know the IP adress and although the little white box of IKEA does not reply on the command “nslookup” - my router somehow knew it’s hostname. (GW-#### where ### is the serialnumber).

system overview;
homey pro (early 2019) running on version 7.1.4
Android phone app version
TP-link Archer C3200 router/switch
homey connected through wifi (should have ethernet too IMHO)
IKEA tradfri gateway connected through ethernet cable

at first, trying to configure the “IKEA trädfri gateway” app by going to … more → apps – IKEA trädfri gateway → cconfigure app, I kept getting the “device not found” error.
then I did another route; in the android app i went to settings, below there is also “apps” - IKEA trädfri gateway - same screen and POP, I got an identity and a PSK key - and could save this.

then going to the screen “apparaten” I could add the one socket (with remote) I have working on the gateway. YAY! cost me over 2 hours, but yay!

alas… using the android app - it does not listen to any commands and does not show the correct status either. sometimes all that happens is in the top of my screen “timeout after 3000ms”