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Ikea Symfonisk remote for Sonos

Hi, I bought a remote for my (Symfonisk and) Sonos speakers where I can control volume (+/-) with.
Unfortunately it isn’t included in the Homey Ikea Tradfri app, therefore I can’t add it to Homey. I want to use this without the need to buy a Ikea Tradfri Hub…who can help me out, give advice or whatever, so I will be able to use it? Thanks a lot!

wel if its not supported by a app, then its not gonna work i guess.

So advise to make request

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I have it myself and it works awesome (with the IKEA bridge ofc) and is a wicked device for that kind of cash.

I have my Symfonisk speaker paired to original Sonos ones. When I use Homey to control 1 Sonos speaker, the other ones follow nicely including the Symfonisk.
Only works for paired speakers of course.
Edit: Now I think of it, I only use Homey to turn them on and off in flows. I only assume + and - would also work, Will test it tomorrow.

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Thank you so much for your reply.
I have several Sonos speakers in my home and bought just 2 Symfonisks for the bedroom.
But it is all about the Symfonisk remote which has been released 3 weeks ago. I have my Sonos and Symfonisk speakers visible in my Homey dash, but I would like to be able to take care of volume (+/-). Via y Homey of course, and in that way via this piece of hardware also, to prevent the need to buy an Ikea hub, which I don’t want of course (because I have my friend, Homey Pro).

I already requested to add this device in the Homey Ikea app via the link @RoyWissenburg send me, so I guess I have to wait. No problem to wait, but I would have liked to begin using this remote already…

Thanks for now and of course, feel free to share any (new) thoughts :slight_smile:

I also send the request to Athom to add this device.

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I also just bought it today and filled a request.

It’s not an ‘easy’ device to integrate…

Supporting the device isn’t so much the problem (it’s pretty basic in Zigbee-terms, but then again, so is Homey’s Zigbee implementation, so I don’t know if it can actually support it), but getting it to pair properly is a bit fiddly (at least with deCONZ).

I didn’t succeed in pairing it correctly with Deconz yet. Did you manage that? @robertklep I hope to use it with Homey via the Deconz way.

I haven’t tried yet, but I have bookmarked this comment for when I do.

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