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IKEA Trådfri smart-curtains (FYRTUR and KADRILJ)

After disconnecting the power on both blinds one more time it seems to be working now.

I am going to Ikea this very weekend!
kudos to the developper!

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Don’t forget; you need the gw too

Owkay, they are no longer sold in Belgium… :frowning:

No way!! That sux

Dutchies must have bought them all :rofl:

In sweden they are called Fyrtur :wink:


For a brief moment there, I was hopefull again

A few minutes reading this topic, or look a few seconds in the app store. Gives you the answer.

Your right

That was my answer to the post above mine. But wesley deleted his

Ah, deleted mine as well…

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I’ve submitted a new Ikea Tradfri gateway app this evening. It can take upto two weeks until it will be available.
It will use the latest node-tradfri-client, which hopefully will increase stability for many of you.
Also it adds blinds support done by lvhv91 (not tested by me, because I have LuxaFlex PowerView and not Ikea blinds)

I will ask the author of HomeyConz if he wants to submit and maintain his app on the homey app store.

I am also using Deconz, because of lacking Zigbee support on all other platforms…

On the hue bridge there are no events available, only polling and there is no full support for the ikea remotes, you cannot add them to the bridge and when paired directly to a lamp, no scene switch is possible.

On the Ikea tradfri gateway, hue lights stopped working correctly, adding them is near to impossible and setting of colours is not possible anymore, sadly it used to work flawlessly in the past. But still the ikea remote could not be used fully on hue lights, no scene / colour switch

On homey zigbee can be unstable on larger networks. Also the ikea remote is not supported.

Only with Deconz everything works well and combinding Hue and IKEA things is possible :slight_smile:


I saw your conversation on telegram did you manage to get the latest version? Can you maybe share it if you have that? i hope homeyconz is the pluging that makes homey worth it again…

Hi see:


For version 0.5.3

Some of my comments on 0.4.0, not sure if it is fixed in 0.5.3:

the /api http post to register the key should be a raw message not x-www-form-urlencoded

it is better to not provide the username (=apikey) and let deconz generate a random key

with api//config you can get the actual websocket address (was 443 in my setup, not 9881)

I have asked the author if he is planning to release the app to the homey app store and if not if it’s ok I will do so and credit him.

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Anyone here with the Kadrilj tell me if it blocks sun sufficiently?
I have a south facing office and am planning to get one or the other of these blinds to cut down and fit, however I need it to prevent blinding from the sun on sunny days!

I’d prefer to still get the daylight however - will the Kadrilj do or do I need the Fyurtur?

SO, if I have no gateway, I have to sue the non gateway ikea app.
I still have the problem when removing to charge the blinds) or rebooting homey they loose contact.

Any tips on this?

Do you also use the Ikea Repeater?
I have linked the repeater in Homey and then put it close to the curtains.
So far i don’t have any problems, but my battery isn’t empty yet.

I also loose connection to the blind every time i reboot Homey. You still have issues also? Any ideas?
I don’t have a gateway

I just cut down my first Fyrtur, process worked well seemingly and fits fine but now I’m finding when I connect the battery the blind moves up and down only about 6 inches when it seems to hit resistance and decides it can’t go any further. I’ve tried manually pulling it down and it took some effort, and same issue, moves by about 6 inches (or not at all)

I’ve reset the max and minimum lengths, so my only hope is that the battery isn’t charged enough (been on a couple of hours tho)

Anyone else had this and know what may be wrong?