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iRobot Roomba i7+

There is support now! :wink:

My roomba stays on while connected to homey. It’s not going to stand-by modus what results in a battery drain.

Someone has any idea??

I have added the i7 to homey, my roomba stays offline in homey. Is this a known issue?

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Are you using some other home control app?

Only the app from irobot itself

Im sorry, my roomba was connected to google home. Now it is not offline anymore. The problem i still have is that the status in not updated in homey when my roomba starts t clean or when q cleaning is finished. I would like to use that status in a flow for my lights

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Thats strange. Are the Roomba and your Homey on the same subnet in your wifi?

Yes, they are on the same subnet (i have only one) both connected to the 2,4 ghz wifi

If you run homey v5 you can try the updated sdk 3 version. If not im afraid you have to wait. :frowning_face:

I have updated my homey to the v5 firmware, and i have installed the 4.0.2 app… i will test this again

Still no luck… when the roomba is started from a schedule in the roomba app, or is started in the roomba app, the status in the homey app is not updated. So now i can not use the roomba status to turn on the lights. Is there anything i can do to make this work?

This is a tough one but im still working on it!

Please let me know if/when i can help by performing a test :slight_smile:

Is there any update?
I can add my roomba i7+, but it doesn’t update the status of the Irobot at all.

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Hi Michel,

I am experiencing the same issue with Roomba S9+. No status updates. I am a developer, i can try to help if i can get access to the source code.


There you go:

Any news here? I also have a S9+ and a Brava M6. I recently updated to fm5.0 and could connect the M6, but it’s not working (lose connection and no status update). The S9+ couldn’t connect at all. These are the only devices missing in Homey in my current set-up. Would love a working app update.

Have a iRobot Roomba M6 and 7i+ and using this App: Homey iRobot App in Beta: Homey iRobot App BETA. Works.

I wanted to use this iRobot app for my S9 and M6, connect to the device works.
But the problem with the status update persists.
My robot starts → status remains “is loading”.

I have now currently solved this via IFTT together with a Virtual Contact Sensor.

Looked on my devices: As wrote above i’m using the Beta-Version and also both devices have an fixed Ip-Adress >> Perhaps helps this.