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LG WebOS better integration

Awesome, thank you for the explanation @MaxvandeLaar. I will test the poll interval and optimise it to the “sweet spot” :wink: Maybe it’s a good idea to add these extra instructions in your readme file?

@SejoerdO Let me know if it works for you :slight_smile: and I agree, it is probably best to include this in the README or whatever.

I changed a few settings and it’s promising :grinning: If I encounter some problems in the next weeks I’ll keep you updated @MaxvandeLaar . Again thanks for the detailed info!

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Hello @MaxvandeLaar ,

Do you know how is this possible?

Yes I do know, however I doubt it is actually possible. You would need an app (I don’t think WebOS Plus can do this) to keep track of your movie progress and total duration.

So this app will trigger a flow that just pauses the media and starts it again after 5 min. Besides the trigger that is already possible with WebOS Plus.

Does this help?


I have looked into the possibility for a Netflix API to get the current playing show, however they apparently discontinued their public API in 2014 so you can forget about at least integrating Netflix :wink:

It looks like it could work for Plex as there is an api that can tell you the total duration of the current show and the current progress Current Sessions Status · Arcanemagus/plex-api Wiki · GitHub. I will stop looking into this now :wink:

@Joost_Schevers While testing I just succeeded in opening Youtube and Netflix with specific content. In other words, the next update will contain some new actions :slight_smile: I am working on it!


That will open up a lot of opportunities for further integration.

I’m guessing you will be making a lot of people happy once again!

Thanks for trying!

Although it sounds like it is cool if this works could you tell me a practical use for it? Every video starts with advertisements.

So my wife likes to listen to the sound of rivers or a forrest etc… What she usually does when she is in the living room, is start Youtube on the TV and look for a video with nature sounds. I could make her life easier with this by creating a flow that automatically starts her favourite sounds.

In the case of Netflix it even gets better, you just need the series ID and it will open the exact episode where you left off. You can even tell it to start a specific episode as well. So if you are watching a specific show each evening you can create a flow to start everything on your command without touching the TV remote at all.

For opening the web browser with a certain URL, think about a flow to open a HomeyDash dashboard for instance, or the latest news, or weather forecasts, or traffic jams or train infotmation right before you leave the house.

@MaxvandeLaar I imagine it also works (or could work) for Amazon Prime, Rakuten and/or other apps such as Twitch.

Are you also planning to include that generic card for sending a raw text string to an app?

@Joost_Schevers I doubt it will work for other apps. Not many of them support it. When I retrieve the app list I can see what/how deeplinking is supported however, this does not work :sob: so most likely I will implement a textfield below the app dropdown list. If the selected app is Netflix it will use the input to start something on Netflix, if YouTube is selected it will use the input for YouTube and same for browser.

If it is not one of those apps, it will just be injected and you are able to try it yourself. However, I doubt anyone will get anything to work but who knows right :wink:

Note: Plex app e.g. doesn’t support deeplinking.

Probably with kodi app (or plex not sure). When playing dimm the light, close curtains etc. When paused, turn on the lights 20%. When stopped turn on the lights normal level, open curtains etc. :slight_smile: but maybe some TV apps support it as well, not sure.

I’ve something strange going on (I think).

When we I put my house in to “sleep mode” :zzz: it turn everything off in the living room, also the TV.
This works fine when the TV is on, but when the TV is off the card “turn off” turns the tv on :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Has anyone else this strange behavior? Or even better, how to solve this :slight_smile: ?

This is indeed strange behavior as the on command is not using anything remotely similar to the off command. Is the state in Homey correct before you put the house asleep?

Hi Max,
I’ve checked, when I turn the TV off with my remote within a second homey sees that the TV is offline.
So that’s correct, than it’s strange that the tv is being turned on with the turn off command.

I have just tested it myself and I can replicate it. Will investigate further.

The app works pretty well with my c7, but I’ve noticed that I do not get any events after some time. Showing the device in homey then gives me an error that i should authenticate again. Restarting the app solves the problem then but not for long. Is that a known issue?

Oh and yes, I also had this issue where the tv turned on instead of turning it off!

Does your TV has a dynamic or fixed IP address? If dynamic, give the TV a fixed IP address.

The TV has a static ip, so I guess this is something different

Ahhh in that case, it is definitely an unknown issue. I’ll contact you soon.