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LG WebOS better integration

I am not able to set the input of my lg tv with webos 5.2.0 to a certain hdmi input. (Although I am able to set a certain app.) Who can help?

I see below option to add an action:

And after selection 'open app or input":

And the pull down menu gives only app options, no inputs:

First off, thanks for the app - it’s way above the original WebOS (non-plus) and makes for so much more ways to integrate LG TVs with Homey!

I came across an issue though when adding the TV as a device in Homey; I understand the TV broadcasts it’s presence on the network via some kind of multicast packages and these seem to not traverse across VLANs on my home network (I know, this is rather an issue Ubiquiti has with their VLAN implementation, and they acknowledge this, but no ETA to fix). This means I can only add the TV when it’s on the same VLAN as Homey. I’d like to keep them on separate VLANs though. One way of doing this is put the TV on Homey VLAN, add it as a device, then put it back on separate VLAN, change IP in TV device parameters and open up the needed ports from Homey to TV in the firewall.

Is there any way to change TV device IP manually after it was added? Also, does the app relies on any multicast traffic other than when adding the TV as device?

This is a ‘known’ issue to me. The thing is, you can’t at the moment. The API for you TV differs from the webos 4. However, I might have solved it in the upcoming update… when is the update? No clue yet. I am working on a lot of projects at the same time at the moment.

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Multicast is only used for adding the device after that everything is done by IP. However, Homey can rediscover devices, this is of course done by multicast, so for instance, if the IP has changed on rediscover, the app will change the IP in the settings. Currently, the IP setting field isn’t exposed, I can make this editable in the next version for advance use.

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Thanks for the swift response, Max! In the meanwhile I managed to change the IP in the way I wanted (by putting both Homey and TV on the management VLAN, letting the app “autodiscover” the TV, and the putting Homey back in the IoT VLAN - all with fixed IPs for both). I could see the TV IP is correct after this in Homey Developer, but Homey could not control the TV out of the IoT VLAN even though I opened all traffic (all ports) from Homey to the TV in the firewall. Not really sure why, but the app seems to work for me only as long as Homey is in the same VLAN as the TV.

Even though I’m unsure I’ll get use of it personally (due to above) an option to manually adjust the IP could be helpful in troubleshooting for others - so it would be much appreciated if you get a chance to add it in future releases.

Ok thanks for your answer. I was not aware it is a known issue. I understand you have different priorities.

Well it is known issue to me :wink: I believe something like this was reported before however concluded it was a WebOS 5 issue. While looking for other things, I might have found a way to fix it.

Ah that would be nice if you can fix it. A suggestion from my side: if I can fill in the app-uri my self in stead of a selection menu I might be helped already.
I can easily retreive the uri, but I am not sure if calling this uri does the trick. See the screenshot

@MaxvandeLaar looking trough the thread, seems Toast messages with Images are no longer supported by WebOS ? I’m on OLED55C8PLA / WebOS 4.3.-9804 … I think it was working some time ago and now it’s not. So it’s ThinQ to blame, or ? Thank you.

Well, depending on the type of ‘resource’ it is on the TV it can or can’t be launched as an app. So adding this functionality would not make much sense in my opinion. The next update will separate Apps and Inputs from each other and I expect it to solve any issues regarding not being able to choose an external input.

Some TV’s do support images, other don’t… I haven’t yet figured out why this is the case for some models/WebOS versions. I don’t ThinQ is to blame for this, just horrible API design in WebOS (or at least, its undocumented.

I understand, thank you. Is it worth of debugging ? Eg. shall I lunch it from CLI and post logs ?
I just like the idea with someone rings doorbell, I get image on the TV :wink:

You can try to debug it if you like of course, if you have any findings and I can fix them I most definitely will, however, the same issue came up in the past and debugging it didn’t reveal anything useful. But if you want to give it a try, sure go ahead and send me the logs in a private message to prevent spamming here :wink:

@Sharkys what would actually make more sense, is to try to debug the TV itself. I have not yet figured out how to do that though.

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Does anyone have OLED CX TV updated to the latest firmware version? Is everything working OK?

From the way LG OLEDs are integrated in some voice assistants I’m a bit worried they may cut network controls in future firmware versions…

i update when made available, so i assume its the latest firmware. i need to do a test, but first glance everthing still works. i doubt they will take it out in favor of voice assistants since its part if their own app and their own lg smart thinqs platform.

Mine says the latest is 03.21.18. Would appreciate if you have a chance to check and confirm.

same here

Any update on fixing the input selection menu for webos 5?

@ArtjeB Sorry no not yet, real life happened. Do plan to pick things up again soon!

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LG WebOS offers a lot more features like directly selecting the channel, showing you what is being played, the state of the current TV like off or playing. .[mod break: removed spam] All of this can be done directly through WebOS without the IR remote feature.