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Mertik Maxitrol

So I took another approach at this.
I bought the Wifi control box and reverse engineered this protocol. I have built an app that works with this wifi box.
I only implemented the pairing/ device discovery and control for the lighting inside the fireplace, but I am implementing the rest of the functionality in the coming days. Already have the “data signals” figured out so its arbitrary for me from here.

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Did you order this one: Mertik Wifi Box B6R-WME • SDM Parts ?

I got mine from here:

You need to be a registered company to be able to buy it here tho. The “Toestellen met ventilator” is a little bit misleading. If you have a mertik fireplace with a 10 button remote (and thus lighting in your fireplace), then you are good with this one as well. Otherwise you need to buy the one with extra power adapter included.

Great work! I was waiting for this app for ages. I was able to install the app on my homey but unfortunately it crashes alle the time during loading. Attached you’ll find my crash report. Any thoughts on this? image|690x499

Hey Pieter,
Great to have some feedback from a 2nd user.

Can you try to run the command npm install inside the local folder before trying to install it? Maybe also try homey app build beforehand. Im not sure if the homey app commands installs the required node modules to make it work.

Hi Roy,

I followed your advice and in the end it worked when I started with ‘homey app build’ then ‘npm install’ and ended with ‘homey app install’. I was able to pair my fireplace with the app, unfortunately I’m not able to light it up. I do hear the gas control valve is moving, but the sparking stays out. The light control works fine. If there is anything I can do to assist you in troubleshooting, let me know.

Ah, pieter, as adviced by my installer I never turn off the pilot flame. If you turn off the pilot flame the gas fireplace will get tainted/dirty windows faster because of higher internal humidity.

Long story short: I didn’t test the app with the pilot flame completely off. I will do that! But for now I suggest you dont turn off the pilot flame either and then the app should work.

Also please be REALLY carefull using this app. A gas fireplace is a potentially dangerous device and shouldnt be experimented with like we do. Take your own responsibility. I do not take any liability if your house burns down. You have been warned.

One thing thats going to take me longer to do is figure out how the fireplace sends it status back to Homey, because this signal is very very long and hard to decode (it doesnt make much sense to me how the bytes are ordered.)
I would need to have this implemented to fix the bug you just mentioned. Homey wouldnt know if it would just have to open the gas valve or also use the ignition mechanism.

Hi Roy,

Thanks for your extensive reply and safety warning. That’s totally clear to me of course.

I do understand now how you control the fire place out of standby mode. For me personally I turn the fireplace off most of the time. The windows stay pretty clean and it safes some gas. So it is highly appreciated if the app is adjusted. I also noticed when I turn down the flame height that it turns off the fireplace once I’m halfway the scale.

Keep up the good work! Already super happy so far!

An update from my side, i’ve been able to figure out more commands, this will be all I am going to add for now. these were still missing:

-trigger ignition sequence
-turn off guardflame
-set to standby (flame low without guardflame)

I am also still trying to figure out how to read out the current status from the fireplace, but this is pretty hard.
First I used a decompiler to decompile the app and the mertik library in it, but its hard to read the decompiled C code in it, as it is quite scrambled. I also contacted iQontrol, the company that has built this system, if they would provide information on the protocol used. Both of these efforts have not resulted in anything.

Finally I have decided to create a “simulator”. A piece of code that mimics the fireplace.
So my app pairs with and shows this “fake” fireplace and with the copied original signal I am able to sloooowly step by step figure out what every bit and bit in the signal does.

Hope to get the signal sorted out from there.

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