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Mertik Maxitrol

Hi Roy, is it also possible to add an option to set a temperature like thermostat? Like a flow, i want to light up the fireplace at 18:00 and set the temperature to 20 degrees. The remote is an B6R-H8TV21PBD.

Is there any chance that the old 433 mertik app gets a new life on v5? Or is the same rf timing bug still active?

If you dont want to put this on the app store could you then maybe put it on the homey community store? :grinning:

Just wondering if this will work with the mertik maxitrol G6R-R4AU (433Mhz)

Thank you

Then why not test it via CLI ?

Hello all,

So i just got the B6R-W2 wifi module (B6R-W2BE-0) and its connected to wifi,
I tried to use this plugin and have it installed on Homey, I entered the IP manually but it keeps spinning (says connecting device) and nothing gets added in the app. Any idea?

Also when selecting MANUAL IP (and then entering the IP) there is no save or other button except start searching (start zoeken).

Update: 11/08: Got it working by reinstalling the plugin and restarting the wifi box :grinning:

Hi everyone,

This is a question to all the owners of the G6R-R4AU controller. (@mbnn ?)
I’m expecting this controller to be installed soon, but don’t have the impression that controlling over 433MHz is quite easy at this stage.
I started searching for the service manual of the controller and found out there’s a PANEL interface which is nothing more than a few pins that can be wired to buttons (or a relay module which is my plan).
Is anyone able to verify that this actually works?
Apologies for the low-res/Dutch language. Haven’t been able to find a better one so far.