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Nedis WiFi Smart plug and Nedis® SmartLife


As (satisfied) owner of a Fibaro Home Center, I am considering moving to a Homey. This is due to the cost of the equipment. However, I also want to switch to other brands and I now use the Neo series for a few weeks. I am satisfied with this. It does what it has to do.

Now I saw the Nedis Wi-Fi Smart plug and many otherNedis SmartLife products. Does or can this also work with the Homey?

Hereby the URL of the manufacturer: https://webshop.nedis.nl/nl-nl/550671326/wifip110fwt


If someone is willing to make an app for it it can be supported. It


Best way to find out, is looking at the app store if there is app voor the brand. If not then almost 99 % sure its not supported.

And then you or someone else need to write a app for it.


And that’s where this topic comes in!


Geweldig!! Ik zou ook heel graag willen dat deze app in de Home komt. Lijkt me niet moeilijk voor een programmeur!


Gr. Willem.


at first please keep it englisch in this section of the forum.

Second as you could see in the comment above yours there is a topic for requests for specific device that not yet supported. And when you would look at that topic, there is not yet a request for that device.

As you stated you would love to see a app for that device so my sugestion is to make a request there.


For now you should be able to connect them with ifttt since they are tuya devices. I believe it’s the smart life service in ifttt.

I’ve ordered a duo e27 rgb light bulb set, should be able to test them somewhere this week


Rgb e27 bulbs received and works with ifttt