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Update: I do see the tag when adding a push message to the flow. It seems very similar to the abovementioned topic, not sure if it is a NEEO or IKEA app related bug?


It seems homey/App related. I’m using version 2.0.3 where it’s fixed. The curent app store version is 2.0.2. I cant find the link to the TestFlight version of the App.




Maybe send an email to be a beta tester to @Bram on support@athom.com?


Good suggestion, Thanks!




Should not take to long before it’s in the AppStore I presume.


It works now! :sunglasses:


On the NEEO iOS app it works almost flawlessly, however on the NEEO remote I get some odd behaviour.

  1. The toggle for the Homey LED doesn’t work on the remote but does in the NEEO iOS app
  2. I have a toggle to switch multiple lights at once in the living room through a virtual Homey switch. Works perfect in NEEO app but only for a fraction of a second on the remote.

I have noticed that toggles on the NEEO remote sometimes briefly switch back to the previous state before actually changing. This is not specific for the Homey connected toggles. Could this be the cause of these issues?


The brain updates the Remote over 6lopan. There are two radio icond on top of the Remote one WiFi and one for 6lopan. I suspect that you ligt have Some interfearance close by. Try to hold the Remote close to the brain to see if that works, just to conform. You could re-pair the remote. It Will chose another channel within 15 minutes afterwards. For more details better have a look at Planet.neeo.com


Using the JSON tags instead of “when a toggle changes state” solved my issue with the Homey LED. To control a group of lights I have added a seperate on and off button which also works. For now, my lights control works perfect!

I have also managed to add some buttons for my Chromecast which allow for controls within the recipe, something that was lacking in the NEEO Chromecast device/recipe.

The one thing that I can’t figure out is something I have also asked before. I have a virtual switch in Homey that triggers a NEEO recipe on/off which I also use in other flows. However, when I start or stop a recipe with NEEO itself this virtual switch in Homey obviously doesn’t get updated. I cannot find the option to “inform” this virtual switch in Homey that a recipe starten/stopped. It is similar to “informing” NEEO toggles using your app. I hope I am making sense…


Great to see it’s working now.

I’m not able to set the virtual homey switch myself. Don’t know if it’s possible. You might want to try asking on slack. A lot of the homey gurus and homey employees are connected there. Guess most of them don’t follow this thread.


Short Question: Is it also possible to add a scene to homey? Like I have a scene on Nero switch ATV on/off. I know from the open hab binding that it was possible there and I understood that is also possible with your integration here. But it is a bit confusing now with also having v2 of Homey. And it is my first touch with homey and the need integration.
Thkans for the support.


I’m assuming you mean a recipe opposed to scene. (neeo named it recipies).

If so then yes, you can start and shutdown a specific recipe. and even shutdown all active. Just use the start a recipe or stop a recipe card.


You right of course. :blush:
Ok Stupid me…cards are in the meaning of the flows. I should get deeper in Homey first. Sorry for that.
Anyhow it works. I just tried it shortly. But looks good. Thanks for this great app. :sunny:



I do hope they open up the software for the community, otherwise it is game over after 24 months…


This is just appalling abuse of their customer loyalty, and funding. I think it should be a concern to KickStarter too.

I’m hoping it’s not even a legal approach - taking money over the last few months for a product they had promised futures for but knew would have no further updates and be bricked in the future… and refusing refunds for purchases over 30 days ago. Really bad company ethics.


Actually, 24 months is a pretty long time… And Neeo keeps working without the company providing services?


these are very bad news :///


What does it mean after 24 months, is Neeo way of operating depending on the servers or, when your Neeo works well you can still use it after those 24 months, but no more adding possibilities. I hope for the last, but am afraid of the first. 24 months is reasonable, because there are examples enough by just stopping at once, but I do feel bad because I bougt Neeo may 2018. So a very expensive Neeo just operating 2 years and 9 months for about € 400,-